Jain4Jain Announced Redesigned Matrimonial Website For Jains To Find Soul Mates Anywhere In the World

Jain4Jain is an exclusively Jain matrimonial site dedicated to helping the global Jain diaspora find matches within the community. Their recently redesigned mobile friendly website helps community find soul mates in a jiffy.

Jain4Jain.com, a purely for Jains matrimonial site, makes it easy for members of the community to find matches anywhere in the world through the recently redesigned mobile friendly website. Speaking on the occasion, a spokesman said, " Jain4Jain matrimonial website is the outcome of deep thought on the matrimonial aspects of youth from the Jain community. We have Jains of India living as far apart as New Zealand and USA, Abu Dhabi and the UK and for them, finding a soul mate within the community is an uphill task. This is no longer the case. Our website is global in nature and is the common platform for Jains to come together and initiate the search for a life partner."

The newly designed website is mobile friendly since most people these days use smartphones to use the internet. Jain youth can access our website on mobiles from anywhere in the world and register for free. Any Jain can register and post his or her profile with preferences about a suitable match. A Jain can specify whether he is Sthanakvasi, Digamber, Murtipujak or Terapanthi and whether he wants a partner from the same sampradaya or is non-discriminatory. The website has very finely tuned categories so anyone looking for a partner can search by profession, by sampradaya, by states and regions of India, by country, by age, by income, by education and by culture. This helps cut short the time to find a suitable partner.

Registration is free for Jains worldwide. Along with their profile, members can upload photographs, include social networking links and send SMS messages to members whose profiles they like and thus initiate the process of match making. Free registration is enough for most purposes but in case anyone wishes to go up to the next level and communicate direct with other registered members. With a profile on this website, Jains can be easily found and if their profile matches a user's preferences, they may be contacted with proposals.

Even elders of the family can register on behalf of their family members. If parents have sons or daughters abroad and wish to search for a life partner on behalf of their children or even relatives, they can do so quite easily on Jain4Jain.com.

"Jains are in a minority and given their adherence to age old value systems, finding matches within the community is the first choice. Jain4Jain has come as a refreshing and most welcoming development. Due to difficulties in finding matches many Jain youth grow frustrated but with this website now here, that need not be the case. Matches may be made in heaven but for Jains, they are now made on Jain4Jain.

About: Jain4Jain is in operation since 2001 and the responsive website is a recent upgrade feature for members to facilitate jain match making . For any query you may contact Jain4Jain at 109, Samrat Bhawan, Ranjit Nagar Complex, Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi, phone 91 11 25704924 or email them at info@jain4jain.com. Website http://www.jain4jain.com


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