IValueHealth.NET Or How To Revolutionize Healthcare In Times Of Crisis?

iValueHealth.NET (http://beta.ivaluehealth.net) is a Health related multilingual platform having +50K users who can access basic medical information, health applications and connect with healthcare professionals in just 2 clicks.

The current crisis puts financial constraints on public health spending across the globe, which has a negative impact on access to health and health status of different nations. To reduce this impact, patients need more cost-efficient means to communicate and stay connected with healthcare professionals. Furthermore, information and education of public with respect to diseases, risk factors and their symptoms can increase health awareness amongst nations and prevent them from getting and spread diseases.

iValueHealth.NET (http://beta.iValueHealth.NET), a Health related multilingual platform, brings the user-friendly technological solution which bridges the gap between patients and their doctors. Creating an account "free of charge" on iValueHealth.NET allows patients to access health related information, articles and videos, communicate with their doctors, ask advice on their health problems and fix appointments in just 2 clicks.

"Healthcare still lags behind form an IT point of view and many actors from the healthcare ecosystem can contribute to reduce that gap", says the CEO and Founder of iValueHealth.NET. "Evidence shows that there is a clear interest in health coming from different actors", adds the CEO. In less than 3 months, since its beta version was launched, iValueHealth.NET gathered over 50k users from across the world.

iValueHealth.NET has one of the largest online database of 30+ medicine fields, 600+ symptoms, 1100+ diseases and 3500+ medications. It is a unique initiative where all the actors from the healthcare ecosystem are brought together in one place and can contribute together to increase the awareness by sharing more local and global information. The company is member of mHealth Alliance (United Nations Foundation) and Microsoft.

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