It's Here! The Fine Writing Set You've Been Waiting For

A combination of practicality and fine craftsmanship, this elegant writing set will bring a touch of ingenuity and style to any environment. The set features a customized stainless steel pen, support and two rare-earth magnets.

In this age of technology, the joy of handwriting can be easily overlooked. Keyboards and printers have digitalized and replaced a once distinctly human art form, now writing tools get lost under papers or tossed into desk drawers, never to be seen or used again. Something must be done! Enter Finesse, a quality writing set that's fun practical and attractive, literally!

What is it?

The idea is simple, an elegant, functional writing set that makes a statement: use me, don't lose me. With its clean design and magnetic support system, Finesse stands at attention, always ready for action. No need to spend time searching for another writing tool, finesse is always right where it should be. Thanks to the structures magnetic properties, when the user is finished, the pen instinctively pops back into the holder where it immediately regains its vertical composure.


The clean, modern shape of the structure and self-aligning pen (parker) appear to defy gravity as they reach for the sky. But how did we do it? Magnets! While magnetism probably isn't the solution to all the world's problems (although we wish it was), it is the key element behind the Finesse design. After testing a range of rare earth metals, we found that two strategically placed neodymium magnets had the perfect properties to support and align the pen, while also allowing for its easy release from the structure. Along with the pen, the structure and base are made of high quality stainless steel and come in a range of finishing options. The structure can be plated in nickel, pure silver or 24k gold, and the base comes in polished steel or one of two blacks - matte or glossy. Finally, the structure goes through a professional polishing process to keep it looking nice and classy for years and years and years.

Ways to support this?

Through Indiegogo you have a range of support options to help us get Finesse out of the factory and into your homes and offices. Each support package comes with special perks, and the knowledge that you are supporting a unique and innovative venture.

Reason to support this?

Finesse is practical, reliable and looks great in any environment. It's simplicity and functionality makes it suitable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. But if you're still not convinced, consider that it's also a lot of fun; I mean who doesn't love magnets!

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