ISTG Establishes Fundraising Partnership with UAEF

The Innovative Science and Technology Group (ISTG) establishes a partnership with the United African Educational Foundation (UAEF) that will raise funds for ISTG and its school programs by allowing ISTG to be a distributor of UAEF's children's books.

[501(c)(3)] Chicago-based Innovative Science and Technology Group (ISTG) has just established a partnership with the Philadelphia-based nonprofit United African Educational Foundation (UAEF). The strategic alliance will allow ISTG to raise funds for its school programs, such as the highly popular Project AFARA, by becoming a distributor for the UAEF's children's books.

Similarly, the partnership will provide UAEF with a potentially wider audience for its books, which have primarily been marketed on the East coast in cities such as Philadelphia, Trenton, and New York.

"We're excited about this partnership," said ISTG's Executive Director, Moussa Traore, "it works out very well for both our organizations. The UAEF fable books are very established on the East coast and have been adopted by school districts and public libraries, but they could benefit from some wider exposure. At the same time, our programs, such as Project AFARA, are very high in demand. However, our program has a strong international component, and therefore we need to fundraise in order to sustain it and keep up with the demand."

Under the new partnership, ISTG will distribute the UAEF children's books through its website and will retain 50% of the proceeds. ISTG plans to get the books into as many schools across the US as possible, starting with schools around the Chicago area. Traore anticipates that the books will become available in time for the 2012 holiday season.

Founded in 2006, ISTG is a Chicago-based non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization committed to the promotion of scientific educational development in urban communities within the US and in Africa through the development of novel educational programs. Its flagship program, Project AFARA, is a 4-week science and technology program for middle and high-school students, and has already had hundreds of student participants in various cities in the US and Africa, from Chicago, IL to Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.

UAEF is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the aim of addressing more directly the educational needs and aspirations of school children of African descent in the United States and other parts of the world. As part of their educational outreach, the UAEF produces and publishes a series of African fables and folktales in the form of children's books, and other forms of learning material and educational services.

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