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Is Your Company a High Performing Learning Organization?

Learn more about building a High Performing Learning Organization in PDG's new white paper, "The High Performing Learning Organization: 8 Attributes for Business Success."

Performance Development Group (PDG) has produced a new white paper on High Performing Learning Organizations. The white paper on High Performance Learning Organizations highlights the tools necessary to build and sustain a High Performing Learning Organization.

Great solutions are the result of an effective Learning Organization, but improving solutions doesn't necessarily improve the organization. It's not just where you end up; it's the path you take to get there. High Performing Learning Organizations needs to be structured to perform optimally, by having strategy, process, people, and tools that support their path to success. Successful HPLOs focus on the following eight key success areas:

1. Business alignment and performance impact

2. People capabilities and development

3. Scalable processes, tools, and assets

4. Organization structured for leverage

5. Global and local optimization

6. Governance, demand, and resource balancing

7. Flexible resource management

8. Content strategy and asset leverage

High Performing Learning Organizations operate like a business, using the tools and processes of business to create workflows that are timely, efficient, cost-effective, and demonstrate a clear impact on the enterprise.

High Performing Learning Organizations:

• Are fully aligned with the business goals of the enterprise

• Speak the language of business, not just the language of learning

• Are able to define the return on investment (ROI) of their efforts—when the business can see the impact of their learning investment, they are more likely to continue investing in learning

• Are scalable, creating improved cost scenarios and more rapid delivery cycles

• Utilize Flexible Resourcing, so that costs are controlled while appropriate resources are available for critical and high-demand initiatives

If you would like to read the white paper on High Performing Learning Organizations go to the resource page on the PDG website at

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