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Is This "The Audacity Of Hope"? - A Song Against President Obama

Thomas Easaw, the musician who released the album "5 for Obama" in 2008 in support of Barack Obama, has now released a single against him titled, Is this "The Audacity of Hope"?

Disappointed at President Obama's dismal performance, musician, writer and philosopher, Thomas Easaw who had earlier released a music album, '5 for Obama' in 2008 favouring Barack Obama, decided to bring out another album correcting himself called '5 against Obama'. He later decided that President Obama was not worth the 5 songs that he originally intended and released just a single called, "Is This the Audacity of Hope?". The song decribes how President Obama has lost his eligibility for a second term, due to his inability.

The song can be heard and downloaded at

Is this "The Audacity of Hope"? - A Song Against President Obama

Well you said, you will bring about change
In every sense of the word
You promised change, fresh and new.

Yes, we thought, yes we can
We can believe in you
But you betrayed us like nobody could do.

Your took your promises one by one
And broke it into two
And our hearts too, and our hopes too.

You took the Nobel Prize for nothing
Based on what you said you'll do
The world was so desperate for you.

Now your term is almost over
There was nothing that you could do
All your promises lie bare and naked too.

And now, you seek another term
To do nothing
How could you? How could we let you?

I admire your audacity
Seeking another term
It is sad you are taking us for fools.

You lost your eligibility, because of your inability
No amount of begged or borrowed money
Will see you through.

And still you expect another term
To do nothing
Is this "The Audacity of Hope"?


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