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IRS Back Tax Help Specialist IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP Announces Shelton CT Office Opening

IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP presents its newest office in Shelton, Connecticut through

Many will attest that failure to adhere to tax payment regulations can result to a difficult financial life, as the Internal Revenue Service can be tough on non-compliance. Back taxes, for example - which essentially refer to taxes that have not been paid to the IRS in previous years - can place tax liens on the non-paying individual's or entity's property, with repercussions spanning many years in tow.

Ruthless as it is when it comes to back taxes, the IRS will attempt to collect through relentless phone calls, home and business visits, as well as seizure or selling of assets. In this regard, a reliable legal tax help should be tapped to help resolve the issue.

IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP is a Connecticut-licensed tax resolution firm composed of tax attorneys, accountants and ex-IRS employees. The legal team strives to implement the most pain-free tax resolutions possible - from tax audits, to tax settlement, to back payroll taxes, to Offshore and foreign bank account compliance initiatives.

Building a national reputation as a leader in tax resolution and tax debt help, IRSMedic serves US taxpayers worldwide. In an effort to bolster its local presence, IRSMedic has opened its new office in Shelton, CT, ushered by the introduction of the new website

"Although we are a small State, there is a tremendous amount of need for our service," firm founder Anthony E. Parent states. "We started with just one office in Connecticut, and now with the additional of our Shelton location, we are now covering Connecticut with 7 locations."

Detailed at, the firm's IRS tax debt services include IRS and Connecticut DRS Tax Debt Settlement; IRS and Connecticut Tax Audit Representation; Offshore Account Reporting (FBAR) and IRS 2012 Voluntary Disclosure Representation; Tax Lien and Levy Resolution; and Income Tax and Sales Tax Audit Representation.

To know more about the IRS back tax help and other services from IRSMedic in Shelton, CT please visit for information.

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