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Irish Crystal Co., Why Online Shoppers Are Drawn To The Simple Elegance Of Swarovski Bella Earrings

It turns out that online shoppers are drawn to simple elegance when browsing volumes of jewelry online. Consistently high sales of Swarovski Crystal's Bella earrings indicate the simply understated can truly shine amongst all the online bling.

Swarovski Bella style earrings are a consistent best seller for Swarovski online shops. The Irish Crystal Company of Reno, Nevada indicates that it's because they are simple, stunning, and elegant.

Anyone who has shopped jewelry online can recognize quality. Quality jewelry is almost always simple, stunning and elegant and this is one thing Swarovski Crystal has mastered.

Irish Crystal Co. has noticed that when people for earrings online, shoppers can be quickly inundated with images of hundreds or thousands of different styles, colors and brands. Even people shopping for something in particular become overwhelmed and even forget what they were looking for in the first place. The internet has allowed people to view so much, so easily, which causes everything to look the same; and that's exactly why Swarovski's Bella earrings stand out so well. It turns out their elegant simplicity draws the eye allowing people to take in their beauty amongst all the bling and clutter.

Becky Basel owner of Irish Crystal Co, Reno says that there are "many Bella "style" earrings for sale online from knock-offs to the real deal. Usually there isn't a huge price difference between the fake and the real, but there is a huge difference in color and quality. Imperfections are pretty easy to spot - just look for bubbles in the glass, scratches or a cloudy appearance in color. Swarovski crystal is world renown for it's brilliance in color and clarity." Check out the recent blog post at about identifying fake Swarovski crystal for more on this topic.

Swarovski Crystal offers everything from traditional, prong-set stud earrings with large, clear crystals to intricate and feather-like dangling earrings, the Swarovski earring line is sure to please the eye. People can even match birthstone with crystal colors ranging from a brilliant green to purple. Women who love hoop earrings will surely enjoy Swarovski's channel-set, clear crystal earrings with two-sided and twisting channels. All meant for pierced ears, these earring selections will dazzle onlookers every time.

For those who want to find out more about Swarovski's Bella Earrings and why shoppers are attracted to them, visit the blog post at here:

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