IPStore Introduces $12.00 Flat Rate Shipping Over Canada

Flat rate shipping strategy charges the same shipping amount for any size order. IPStore introduces the flat rate shipping over Canada Regular at CAD $12 rate.

IPStore charges the same shipping amount for customer orders regardless of their size and weight. IPStore fixed its flat shipping rate to $12 CAD over Canada Regular. IPStore also withdraws customs and other duty fees from shipping.

IPStore modifies its shipping strategies and added new features in order to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience in ordering and purchasing goods. Various shipping packages are available in North America. IPStore has the following packages.

1. IPStore Charges US-$29 for United States Priority with 1 to 2 business day service. For United States Economy IPStore charges US-$20 with 3 to 4 business day services and for United States Regular it charges US-$9 with 4 to 7 business day service.

2. For Canada Priority IPStore charges CAD-$15 with 1 to 2 business day service and CAD $12 for Canada Regular with 4 to 7 day service.

The regular stock shipping locations of IPStore are Canada and United States but in certain situations IPStore ships its stock from overseas. This demand in situations when customers place a special order for an item that IPStore does not carry in stock. Another feature IPStore introduces regarding shipping is the same day shipping methodology. This helps to reduce the delay in delivery of goods to customers.

For more information about IPStore shipping rates and facilities such as shipping insurance, customs duty, delivery time of orders, tracking customer orders online, etc, have a friendly talk with IPStore customer service team in the toll-free no: 1-877-419-1037 or visit : https://www.ipstore.com/shipping_rates/

About IPStore
IPStore is one of the leading suppliers of VoIP phone equipment in North America. IPStore is specializing in distributing IP voice communication products for business. IPStore offers an extensive selection of IP phones and VoIP phone system equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide. They include Aastra, Polycom, Cisco, Digium, Sangoma, Linksys, Citel and many more. IPStore also helps customers to find the comprehensive selection of products based on their specific needs at very reasonable prices and with high-quality. The major products and services that we provide consist of Polycom IP Phones, Polycom 450, Polycom 550, Polycom VVX500, Polycom VVX400, Polycom VVX300, Cisco IP Phones, IP-PBX Systems, etc.

The major goal of IPStore is to provide customers with reasonable and lowest prices on VoIP equipment as fast as possible. For this IPStore works very closely with manufacturers to keep prices down and also stock its warehouses heavily to avoid delays in shipping.

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