IOS6 Map Application Hacked To Run On Iphone 4

Soon after the release of 3D Map application for iOS6 during the recent WWDC 2012, the application has been hacked to run on iPhone 4.

Soon after the release of 3D map application, "flyover" by Apple for its newly launched iOS6 devices during the recently concluded Word Wide Developer Conference 2012, the news of the application being hacked to run on iPhone 4 has started doing the rounds. Reports have revealed that one Russian hacker, named, Anton Titkov has been suspected of giving shape to this ugly idea. It is said that he has found out a way to allow the 3D flyover feature of the application to run on his iPhone 4. Reports also say that he is further on the process of enabling turn-by-turn navigation feature, a fully Siri integrated feature, to run on his iPhone 4, which is currently available exclusively on iPhone 4S and iPad 3.

All these have come into the spotlight after Anton had uploaded a video over the internet showing how the '3D Enabler feature', as he has proudly named his achievement, is reasonably working well on his iOS device. The video also includes instruction as how can one own this coveted application in his/ her iPhone 4 device without spending on the purchase of iOS6. However, these instructions are not much straight forward, informed a source.
The beta version of the iOS6, which Apple made available to the developers soon after its official release, has led to this incident. It seems the hacker, Anton Titkov, who is also a software developer by profession, has manipulated it for the wrong reasons that the company has never thought of.

It is needless to mention that, Apple has always put hardware restrictions for certain elements that it released for its iOS devices, but the question is how well these devices handle those elements. For instance, the new 3D map application which carries myriad features is not supported by its older device iPhone 4, for which Apple went on to develop its new iOS6 opting to discard this feature in its older devices. However, such limitations of Apple will definitely lead its users and developers to seek certain means which will enable these features to run on all the iDevices.


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