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Introducing Stunning New Engagement Rings For This Spring

The sale of engagement rings has really rebounded the last couple of years as the economy has recovered

Spring; the time when a young man's thoughts and fancy turn to love. If love is already in the air, and the woman is there by his side, naturally those thoughts of love turn to diamond engagement rings. It is easily going to be the most important purchase in his life, if only measured against the return on his investment (when else can you buy something once and make it last a life time?) To make sure the ring is as special as the woman he is buying it for, he looks to find something unique that is set apart from what everyone else is buying. This spring seems to be his lucky time of year.

"The sale of engagement rings has really rebounded the last couple of years as the economy has recovered," said one of the senior buyers for Ellis Jewelers said recently when announcing the new diamonds and settings they had to offer for this spring. "The designers are seeing that and, instead of just churning out more of the same, they are really pushing the envelope in some areas and have come up with some amazing new looks that we are very excited about."

The changes that they have been making to the classic look of engagement rings cover every possible part of the spectrum. One of those changes has been switching the precious metals away from silver and gold and instead looking at titanium and aircraft grade stainless steel. Part of the move in that direction has been nurtured by the new designs that have come out in recent years in men's wedding bands. As men get more comfortable wearing jewelry, their rings have become more expressive and the designers are looking to create engagement rings that will be able to match the wedding bands.

Another big change when it comes to diamond engagement rings, is the number of facets that they are able to cut into the diamond. With the help of computers and lasers, it is possible to greatly increase the number of facets, which in turn makes the ring sparkle even more. These exciting new developments make this the best time in years to be ready to drop to one knee and ask the big question.

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