Introducing Jersey Devil Chocolates™ - Hot & Spicy

Introducing Jersey Devil Chocolates™ - a new Company and Jersey's newly created Hot & Spicy Chocolate Bar. Dark chocolate, chili and cranberries. Can you handle the Heat?

Jersey Devil Chocolates™ is an exceptional taste experience, combining our finest all natural dark chocolate, 54% cacao, the strong, chipotle chili heat, plus the added tartness of cranberries!

Can you resist Temptation?

Straight from the NJ Pine Barrens, the Jersey Devil Chocolate Bar has emerged and is smokin' hot! Packed with Antioxidants, this bar is a one-of-a-kind taste experience waiting to be consumed.

The "Jersey Devil" folk lore has be-deviled NJ folks for over 250 years. Rumors still circulate about a legendary creature rumbling around and emerging from the misty bogs of the South Jersey Pine Barrens. The Jersey Devil creature is usually described as a flying biped with hooves, but many variations and depictions over the years do exist. Our version is spicy, tart and chocolate!!!

Something else coming out of New Jersey Pine Barrens... CRANBERRIES! Beginning in 1840, New Jersey is currently the third largest producer of cranberries with over 3,500 acres under cultivation today.

To see the original hand drawn devil by our 14 year old son, please visit our website. While you are there, please order our signature Hot & Spicy chocolate bar.

For retail or wholesale sales please visit our website or send an email to


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