Introducing 10 Best Attendance Tracking Features For Your Business To Go Green

An ideal and perfect app with innovative features specially designed for businesses to track and manage attendance of employees.

An attendance tracking company has recently launched an attendance tracking app. The app, ittendance is especially designed for businesses. The company is proud to introduce the most exciting and enticing features of attendance tracking app.

The basic features of app is that it records employees' in-coming and out-going time by taking images of employees. It also marks the late in-coming time after a preset grace period, which could be customized as per organization's need. This app is highly flexible according to any business environment. As it provides weekly and monthly reports, highlighting occasional and regular late comers and point out absentees, which are the essential requirement of any Organization to its Human Resource Management department.

With all these basic features ittendance app has many other features which fully satisfies the business needs and help the Human Resource Management (HRM) Department to perform their duties efficiently and accurately.

Here are some advance features of ittendance app:

1. Automatic updates about the employees' attendance.

2. No compatibility issues as it's designed for iOS and Android based devices.
3. Eliminate paperwork and risk of making an error.

4. Safe and confidential, because only authorized persons can use.

5. Provides individual employees summaries.

6. Installation is as easy as setting up an email account.

7. No need of buying an extra machine for tracking attendance.

8. No maintenance required.

9. A cloud based solution.

10. Eliminate the excel based tracking system.

Hence, from these all advantages businesses not only go green, in fact, it will be a great help in generating payroll. Its features eradicate all conflicts over payrolls as it keeps a record of attendance for years with each employee's detail. It makes HRM efficient by calculating average work hours of each employee.

Through this, HRM can gauge, any employee's performance. So, it is an app which is an essential need of any business that is willing to go green with no conflicts and 100% standard performance.

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