Internet BOOGEY MEN: Steve Rhode & Damon Day

Whenever any company or entities, or group of entities target any one company or industry. You have to follow the money. What is in it for them? The above "Duo" never address any issues just insinuate through dubious sources. But why?

Whenever any company or entities, or group of entities target any one company or industry. You have to follow the money. What is in it for them? The above "Duo" never address any issues just insinuate through dubious sources. But why? Obviously if your livelihood is based on making the most money with the least amount of effort, it has to be consolidation!

Do they care about their clients getting the best remedy, or the lowest payment, the best chance of success, or the least amount of harassment? Obviously not. Are the things they say honest? Obviously not, or the most common link on all their WebPages wouldn't be their "I need a favor" - Vote us as the Consumer Advocacy Award, to suck in other innocent DUPES, with a legitimate referral source!

But like any magicians if you can take the Audiences eye off the hands:
"I help people for FREE to get out of debt with honest and caring debt help..."
You can take their wallet and they will be amused! Even believe in their magic! Even PAY to see it again!
Like the "REAL" MAGIC, of giving all their knowledge and guidance for "FREE", but yet afford top ranking under each competetor to their industry throughout the 3 main Search Engines costing their competition thousands of dollars a month EACH. THAT's MAGIC!

Debt Restructuring is the biggest threat yet! So focus on everything BUT the facts. Common example direct their attention to a 7 year old + GOOGLE picture of their office address.
By non-disclosure insinuate it is in the same condition currently. Then direct all the disenchanted would-be clients to each other! "He will take care of you just as I just did!" Don't forget to vote us for the "Consumer Advocacy Award" we are non-profit!

Doing Debt Settlement for 11 years prior to DEBT RESTRUCTURING, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are "confused" by something as simple as an I.R.S. Tax Status!

A 501-3(c) Not-for-profit status simply means the company files it's profits in such a way that they no longer owe taxes. "Not-For-Profit" is an "I.R.S. TAX STATUS!"They are a BILLION Dollar Industry supported by the Banks with "Supervisory" fees, and grants.

On top of starting their professional relationship with their clients with a lie; many have the unmitigated colossal gall to beg for a "donation" to get the program started!

They make the client ASSUME 100% of his/her balances: Negotiate interest Rates, usually around 9%, normally giving them a 5 - 7 year Program.


You decide!
Click below for an interesting article on what
non-profit credit counseling executives like our
"Dynamic Duo" self-proclaimed Saviors,
earn per year:

They also have up to a 70% failure Rate because the savings are usually not enough to give the financial relief needed. WHY? Because of the late fees, over the limit fees, etc. Many Clients owe more
2 1/2 years into a 5 year program then when they started.

Debt Settlement (FOR PROFIT) settles your unsecured debts for substantially less than what you owe. In usually 36 months or less.

Because of this Debt Settlement payments are usually substantially less than Consolidation, and clients often save more than they could ever hope for with a not-for-profit program! Since YOU only pay when each debt is settled , (BY FEDERAL LAW SINCE 11/2010) and then ONLY for that debt, isn't it interesting you can "GOOGLE" Debt Settlement, then ANY company and see that the "Dynamic Duo" pull all stops in trashing them in any way they can! Using non-applicable fee up-front structures to do it. No Consolidation Companies though!

Debt Restructuring is even more effective, affordable, one-sided, and consumer friendly! Safer, less expensive, less credit damage, lower payments, longer payback periods to name but a few improvements OVER not-for-profit and YES, even Debt Settlement options available today!

If you have made the mistake of joining a CCC,
(not-for-profit) or Debt Settlement Company
I'll explain how we can get you out,
reverse the damage, get you any money not used
so far, back again;
and save you thousands more!

Since they cannot control the internet or the truth you will see when "Google-ing THEM" from the Washington, DC area: An interesting links that begins..." I came across what I consider one of the typical fraudsters that you find on the internet these days that I think needs to be exposed. This guy seems to have a national audience, which makes him even more dangerous.

First, some background on the consumer. He's 48 years old. Works in the federal government, was in debt. Like many people, He Googled "get out of debt" since he wanted to get out of debt. Pretty basic, huh?

As usual, there are various results in the Google search, and I am a pretty skeptical person. So, I click on a few links to see what I can find. One link was from the guy on CNBC at night that's always talking about how he was bankrupt. Another was a link to a site called Another was a link to Lending Tree (you know the company with the commercials about banks competing?).

Anyway, after browsing the aforementioned links for a few minutes, I decide to spend a few more minutes on the site. It looks pretty good, and it seems to be relevant. The first thing that I notice about the site is that it's written by a guy named Steve Rhode. I don't know him from Adam, so I Google him, too. As I'm browsing the results from the search, everything looks legit. Lots of quotes from Steve in various news organizations, etc. Of course, Steve, just like the CNBC, claims to have gone through bankruptcy, which is why he is an "expert" now. A few pages in, I find that Steve has written a book on the topic. Okay, so now I know that Steve is using his website to drive book sales. Typical, but, the man has to make a living, I guess, even if he is just using his "free" website to sell his books.

So a little further in to the search results, I notice that Steve is linked to an organization called Myvesta, which claims to be a non-profit. So, I Google "Myvesta Steve Rhode". And there it is...exactly what I expected to find, since nearly every so-called "guru" is not really that and usually has a shady past. As it turns out, Myvesta, which used to be known as Debt Counselors of America, has a cease and desist order from the state of California, which is known for aggressively pursuing fraudulent activities by companies such as this. Turns out our "guru" is out peddling debt advice and California has shut him down for not complying with California law. And, our so-called "non-profit" is apparently selling a $200 per month "debt payment" plan. What a complete and total fraud! Thank heavens for Google!

So, yet a little further in to these search results, I learn that Steve and his co-founder were forced to resign from the company in late 2003. Ah, but this gets better. Steve resigned and appointed his wife as the, Steve commits fraud, the state of California pursues him, and then he appoints his wife to run his company. Yeah, things have really "changed" at Myvesta, the non-profit charging a $495 enrollment fee and a $200 per month "maintenance" fee. Making clients assume 100% of the debts and pay an additional 9% average interest rate to boot.

Needless to say, after figuring all of this out, I hope this helps expose Steve Rhode, Myvesta and for the complete and total fraud that it is!

Partners in Crime?

Damon Day has a mystery company called "CRN" and as their only credentials state they are members of "HELLO" these two guys refer people back and forth and trash every Debt Settlement Company and praise every Consumer Credit Company. Damon's latest service is getting people out of Debt Settlement Companies BEFORE the first debt is settled (and the potential Victim can SEE it works) via threats of complaints from a multitude of fronts; so you can put MORE MONEY DOWN, get a higher payment and a longer payback time with HIS/THEIR company. Or based on testimonials: Go from being Debt-Free in 3 years or less with NO LONG-TERM CREDIT DAMGE. To "Affording an Attorney to file BANKRUPTCY!" Which they conveniently can refer you to for a finders fee for THAT too! BUT WAIT!

"If you don't feel like fighting this battle but you want to attempt to get some cash back, contact Damon Day and he may be able to help you recover money on a no recovery-no fee basis..." What luck! Now you can join his "Not-for-profit" Company!

So let's see why they trash every company NOT endorsed by (or benefiting) them. Let's think of why any credible entity with even a modicum of moral character would reccomend Bankruptcy, sooner than lose an Attorney referral and allow the client to eliminate their debts at no self gain?

Interesting enough, a major sponser of theirs is: so if you borrow from their private investors, payback 100% at the miraculous interest rate "STARTING at 5.78%" that's the deal of a lifetime. BUT if you RESTRUCTURE the same debt amount at 0% interest and pay back only 55% including all fees, it's a SCAM!

What options are truly available to their followers:

$30,000 in Debt Enrolled:

#1 - Do nothing pay minimum payments of $ 1,200.00 a month at 19% for 16 years 8 months = $49,469.00
= $49,469

# 2 - Steve Rhode's ONLY option: MYVESTA (Not-for-Profit) = $495 enrollment fee, $200 monthly maintenance fee. Assume $30,000 in Debts + 9% interest = approximately $545 a month + $200 maintenance fee $795.00 for 60 months = $47,700 + $495 sign up
= $48,195.00

# 3 - Borrow from one of Steve Rhode's Sponsor's The Lending Club, payback 100% plus an average of 9% (up to 18% if you are behind) over 8 to 10 years:
Dynamic Duo gets commission/finder's fees, and YOU pay.
= $43,500.00 to $87,000.00 (OMG where do I sign!)




#1 - Debt Settlement = $500 a month for 36 months including all fees.
= $18,000.00

#2 - Debt "Restructuring" = $300 for 40 months = $12,000.00

So why would they "trash" ANY alternative remedy but their own?

In 3 basic words:
" Conflict of Interest."

In 3 more basic words:
" Bankrupt Moral Character."

In 3 more basic words:
" Preying on Ignorance."

We invite you to compare our product with anyone's. If you stick to the facts, Debt "Restructuring" by design; is the logical evolution for most Americans struggling with finances today: and the ONLY LOGICAL ALTERNATIVE today for Debt Settlement Companies financially strapped due to implemented "Draconian" FTC OVER-REGULATION!

Debt Restructuring is the wave of the future in Debt Control. It gives those over their head in debt. The ability to affordably pay back a fair share. By Having their Creditors bought out from one-sided smothering interest rate notes. It gives them a local Attorney to protect/represent them during the window of vulnerability that Debt Settlement still has, and have those debts reported as paid immediately upon restructuring!

Restructuring allows anyone with oppressive debts the ability to be debt-free in a realistic period of time, with the lowest payments possible, and the longest payback time period, with empathetic investors allowing them to do so with NO THREAT OF LAWSUITS while doing it! As long as you make the radically reduced no-interest (or pre-payment penalty)payments; you will be debt-free, and on your way to a new financially secure life!

Did I mention we have Credit Clean-up and Credit Score rebuilding too? You won't find the "Dynamic Duo" mentioning that either. When you are ready to get out of the sandbox; and into the reality of comparing verifiable facts, with Contracts worth comparing: Give me a call! That elusive road to financial independence, isn't behind a shower curtain in OZ, or a website called: with half-truths, lies, and the only "alleged" option being an out moded 70% failure rate industry backed by the Banks, or BANKRUPTCY!

It's a reality waiting to happen. You can lose the Boogey Man by turning on the light. You can loose their "Illusions, and fear of the unknown" by letting yourself decide on your own, with everything in writing! If you are tired of being an "Indentured Servant" to the Banks and their minions...


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