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International Event Addresses How Reuse Works on a Global Scale

ReuseConex 2014, the third international reuse conference and expo, announces a comprehensive agenda that includes leaders from government agencies, NGOs and multinational firms utilizing reuse to create a lean, green economy. Austin, TX; 10/23-25/14

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International Event Addresses How Reuse Works on a Global Scale

Reuse Alliance announced its lineup of speakers for ReuseConex 2014, the 3rd International Reuse Conference and Expo. The event takes place October 23-25, 2014 in Austin, Texas (United States); and features reuse industry experts sharing best practice; city agencies embracing reuse to meet zero waste goals; and international companies incorporating reuse into their operations to save time, money and resources.

ReuseConex is a bi-annual event held by the Reuse Alliance, a national nonprofit working to increase awareness of reuse by educating the public about the social, environmental and economic benefits of reuse. The theme of ReuseConex 2014 is "Innovate. Transform. Sustain." It serves as a platform for sharing innovative reuse initiatives, transformative ideas, replicable/scalable programs, research and policy. Speakers and attendees include reuse operation managers, environmental educators, economic development leaders, environmental activists and concerned citizens, eco-entrepreneurs, green builders, creative reuse practitioners, sustainability consultants, venture capitalists; as well as recycling coordinators for corporations, government agencies and universities.

ReuseConex will offer a breadth of reuse experiences and knowledge - from inspirational initiatives to practical applications. Strategic 'Reuse' Partnerships in Action is just one of the motivating panel discussions on the schedule, and includes Amy George of BlueAvocado, Chelsea Woodhead of and Leslie Beasley of Open Arms. When asked about how reuse can work on a global scale, George said, "You have to think about the interconnections of systems. The strategic partnership between our organizations is a great example of how a shared value of 'reusability' and focus on zero waste - creates local jobs, more sales for local tax base, and less waste in the landfill. Our three-way goal is to create 20 jobs for women refugees, divert and upcycle 150,000 square feet of vinyl into bags, and create 40,000 totes increasing local tax base by $1 million." Woodhead pointed out "Many companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The solution is not always easy, and sometimes it comes in the form of creative thinking, innovation, and most importantly collaboration. We are so happy to have found a creative way to reuse our waste and make a positive impact on our community." Beasley added, "The partners are honored to be a part of ReuseConex 2014 - it's such a great opportunity to share our unique collaboration and inspire others. Reducing waste while providing empowerment through employment, now that's a story worth telling."

There will be over 60 speakers at ReuseConex 2014 including representatives from ArtPlaceAmerica, Fix-It Clinic, Goodwill Industries,, IndieGogo, iWasteNot Systems, London Reuse Network, PlanetReuse, University of Benin-Nigeria, SCRAP, The Reuse People, TradeLoop, and Zero Waste International Alliance. A few of the participating reuse associations include Building Materials Reuse Association, Creative Reuse Association, Food Rescue Alliance and the Real Diaper Association. "We're excited that ReuseConex 2014 is covering such a wide array of reuse-based topics; and with speakers and attendees from around the world - it will be an amazing opportunity to connect and share with the global reuse community", said MaryEllen Etienne, Executive Director of Reuse Alliance. Etienne added, "ReuseConex welcomes everyone wanting to harness the transformative powers of reuse, because when the world's citizenry is fully engaged in the reuse movement it will result in a cleaner environment, greener world economies and more equitable societies."

The event also includes a two-day "reuse expo" featuring a wide range of reuse-based exhibitors (from a zero waste grocery store, building material salvage center and computer remanufacturers - to consignment shops, furniture refurbishers and reclaimed-material artisans), as well as an upcycle crafting challenge, a repurposed fashion show and a reuse documentary film screening. To learn more about ReuseConex, visit:

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Reuse Alliance is a national nonprofit that is working to increase awareness of reuse by educating the public about the social, environmental and economic benefits of reuse. Reuse Alliance has a Texas chapter that acts as a networking conduit, provides capacity building resources, and advocates for pro-reuse policies in the state. To find out more, please visit

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