International Career Institute Launches Accredited Business Management Programs

Developed by qualified professionals in business management, the ICI business management program promises to equip student with the necessary knowledge and skills required for starting up small businesses or managing departments in small, middle or l

Sydney, May 21, 2010-The International Career Institute or ICI launches business management programs that provide business students with up-to-date information, knowledge and skills required to starting up new businesses or running existing businesses, budgets, department, and employees. The course teaches various aspect and trends in modern business management such as business networking and communication, staff management, productivity management, problem solving, using proper marketing techniques, investment and financial and management.

The business management program encourages students to learn the most current trends in business management and promote their chances to cope with the demanding challenges of modern business during the current financial crisis. The teaching is conducted fully online, which is definitely one of the benefits of ICI's professional business management programs.

These high quality e-learning methods were carefully developed by professional business managers and business educators. Such methods of learning are advantageous due to the lower expenses and the overhead expected from the students. Clearly today, serious adult learners have no time to spend on lengthy business management programs, which are frequently outdated and inadequately fitted to the modern trends. Likewise, the ICI business management program saves much money usually spent on attending face to face business courses at the institute's premises.

The ICI business management program offers certificate level program of 14 weeks, diploma level programs of 24 weeks and advanced diploma programs of 31 weeks. The ICI business management program's schedules are flexible, and students from various backgrounds and educational schools are encouraged to join and empower their business management skills.

Finally, the ICI business management program is duly recognized and accredited by International Association of Private Career Colleges. Some of the companies involved in sponsoring the institute's prospective business management courses are Mitsubishi, Coca Cola, the Department of Defense, the Commonwealth Bank, HSBC, and more.

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