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International Capital Markets Set To Appoint New CFO

ICM are believed to have finalized a deal with a new Chief Financial Officer and is set to reshuffle its board of directors to make room for the new executive.

International Capital Markets, the Tokyo based financial firm has, in recent years, been diversifying their business model to include derivatives trading; to add to the already comprehensive range of services they currently have to offer and the indications are that they are culminating their strategic outlook with the announcement of the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer to add to their board of directors.

"The International Capital Markets trading team holds significant expertise in commodities & currency options trading, so with the huge growth we have achieved since the start of this current decade we felt it would be fitting to add a further member to the board" said the CEO of the Japanese firm.

"The current CFO will be made a senior partner and will take on the role of Deputy CEO. This will make way for the new appointee, the name of whom we will announce at the end of the first financial quarter once all the details have been finalized," continued the CEO of International Capital Markets.

If you look at the backgrounds of partners in VC firms, they generally either came in as a partner after being a successful entrepreneur or worked their way up in VC, so it is most likely that the new CFO will have been headhunted due to their entrepreneurial skills from a hedge fund a bank or, alternatively, the new member may well have sought out the position themselves and approached International Capital Markets.

"ICM consider our financial team as having one of the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace expertise offering the widest range of futures and options products for risk management. It is absolutely necessary therefore to have what we consider as one of the world's financial experts to take on the role of Chief Financial Officer so we can continue on our path of growth and profitability for our clients, associates and everyone working with ICM" concluded the CEO at International Capital Markets.

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