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Money Will Buy Happiness is the online resource for all good buys that will satisfy and make every shopper happy.

Do shopping and happiness really go hand in hand? A report published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing in the United States suggested that buying things that satisfy people can actually positively affect the way they feel and behave. Also dubbed "retail therapy," purchasing gifts for oneself or someone else is considered a mood booster. provides the first step on the road to happiness. True to its name, the brand new website shows exactly how money gives the joy in the form of everything that it can buy - from the simplest to the most expensive item.

*Money might not buy happiness, but it will buy a yacht that you can sail right up next to it . . . and a lot of other cool stuff to entertain you until you get happy," reads the catchphrase. The website is loaded with fun, and unusual products that will surely make visitors happy. features the best and the most unique things that will leave people pleasantly surprised. Individuals can browse through the website and find everything from a battery powered Ferrari F1 race car, to a writing pen the takes HD video, to the world's most comfortable hammock, to a Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, to a remote controlled spy robot - just about every great and unique gift that money can buy.

Donning a user-friendly interface and fairly easy to use, welcomes visitors with photographs of random top rated items that make great buys. Details and price information of such products are also provided. In addition, the website takes visitors to the retailer selling the wide array of products categorized under Collectibles/Memorabilia, Food and Drink, Home and Garden, Sports, Tools, or Toys. A built-in search tool also allows for quick and convenient finds.

To find out more about fascinating products for gifts and treats, please visit for information and experience happiness with every satisfying purchase.

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