Interactive Photo Mosaics: Picture Mosaics Teams Up with Two Great Organizations for an Amazing Online Photo Experience

Picture Mosaics teams up with Lonely Planet to create the world's largest online interactive photo mosaic built from user submitted travel photos. On the heels of this photo mosaic project is the Susan G Komen 3-Day interactive photo mosaic.

Interactive photo mosaics have become a very popular and socially viral concept over the past few years and has made great strides in recent months. At the helm of this idea is Picture Mosaics, a Pennsylvania based company that is a leader in photo mosaic design and techniques. From prints and murals to online interactive and video animation, they have pushed unique photo interaction and visuals to the next level.

Recently, Picture Mosaics has teamed up with Lonely Planet, a well known Australian based travel guide company, to create the world's largest online interactive mosaic built from user submitted travel photos. The mosaic contains over 120,000 photos and each are tagged with relevant information that was entered when the user submitted his or her photo. Every feasible location on the earth is represented in the photo mosaic and easy access through a keyword search. The interactive mosaic was updated weekly as more photos were submitted, and slowly the entire earth was covered with photos.

Another great feature is the photo tour mode which allows the user to quickly take a tour of a particular location; I cannot imagine a better way to get a feel for a destination than seeing real photos submitted by real people (instead of some Photoshopped marketing propaganda); the photo mosaic presentation makes this easy and fun.

On the heels of the Lonely Planet Travel interactive photo mosaic, in conjunction with AT&T, Picture Mosaics has recently helped launch the Susan G Komen 3-Day Mosaic. This mosaic really places the concept "together we can make a change" front and forward.

Past award winning mosaics that Picture Mosaics has designed and engineered include: The Pedigree Million Dog Mosaic and the 2010 Harley Davidson Fan and Motorcycle Mosaic Catalog Cover.
We reached out to Picture Mosaics and spoke with founder Al Charpentier to see what is on the horizon in the world of mosaics. He states that "We are just on the cusp of what is possible both artistically and technologically; we have full time digital artists and software engineers driving the mosaic concept into the future with more advanced techniques and smarter photo analysis algorithms." He also mentioned to expect several exciting mosaics both in online interactive form and large scale print media within the next few weeks -- we are staying tuned!

Picture Mosaics LLC is a privately held Pennsylvania based software engineering company and design studio that was founded in 2001. Their office is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA.


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