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Inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire

Samuel Troyer Has created artwork inspired by a Song of Ice and Fire ( A Game of Thrones)

Samuel Troyer a local Findlay Ohio artist has just released a Portrait of House Stark. The Illustrator being well known for his detail was inspired by the complexity of George R. R. Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire. Samuel was quoted " Every character has such depth they are neither good or evil. I believe a Song of Ice and Fire explores the reality of being human." Sam Troyer has put in hidden details on each of the stark characters that carry through book five A Dance with Dragons. Sam started his series with the Starks because he especially enjoyed the story of Bran. " Not to give anything away, but I enjoyed watching someone so unappreciated who becomes such a strong powerful character. "
Many art critics have marveled over the young artist. Diana Luther had expressed " Out of all the literature based art out there this is the most livable. The characters seem to all have their own life even though they are grouped together" Sam Troyer's complex layering and design can only be rivaled by the painters of old. I am sure George R.R. Martin would be flattered over the dedication that goes into this artist's work. THe whole piece took several months of dedication and hard work to create.
The Graphic Artist and Illustrator have planned on releasing a Portrait of House Lannister sometime in October. If you would like to know more about this piece you contact Sam through his website

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