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Inspiration Grant Contest Worth $175,000 for Funding of Researchers or Technology Startups

Grant Contest for researchers, startups, and entrepreneurs in the micro electro-mechanical systems, biomedical, or nanotechnology fields. Winner will receive $150,000 in engineering, business support and development services plus $25,000 cash.

Rogue Valley Microdevices has partnered with Sustainable Valley Technology Group to fund the Inspiration Grant as a pathway toward technology development and commercialization in Southern Oregon.

Application deadline is December 31, 2012.

The Sustainable Valley Technology Group (SVTG) Inspiration Grant is designed to spur economic growth and encourage technology innovation in Southern Oregon. The Inspiration Grant provides researchers, early-stage start-ups, and entrepreneurs the environment and tools necessary to develop MEMS based technology products.

The recipient of the Inspiration Grant will have access to the Rogue Valley Microdevices MEMS fabrication laboratory , including design and process engineering support, business support and development services including access to investors, along with a cash award of up to $25,000. The grant is estimated to provide the recipient a combined value of up to $175,000 over a one-year period, with the opportunity to reapply for an additional year.

The Inspiration Grant Includes:
• Device design and layout consultation
• Process engineering support and consultation
• Access to research and development expertise
• Access to fabrication equipment
• Access to metrology equipment
• Use of all cleanroom and manufacturing area consumables, including commonly used chemicals and gases
• Assigned business mentors and subject matter experts
• Introductions to professional services including legal, finance and investors
• Access to student interns and business school teams
• Workshops on key business issues and other events
• Affiliation through Rogue Valley Microdevices with UCLA micro-fabrication laboratory
• Two large workstation areas in office (enough to accommodate up to four people)
• Access to two conference rooms and kitchen area
• Internet access
• Office phones and phone system that can be customized with company-specific auto attendant and phone number
• Consumable office supplies and copy machine
• Private file storage on local area network

Who should apply?
Applications are being accepted by any company developing MEMS, Biomedical, or Nano technology with a path to commercialization regardless of the company's current location. In order to take full advantage of the Inspiration Grant, relocation to Southern Oregon would be necessary.

The Following Applies to All Applicants:
• The business and technology may be in the early stages of development but should be capable of launching within three years.
• The company must have a core-team of two or more members that are passionate and committed to success.
• The business must have significant growth potential and be dedicated to contributing to job growth in Southern Oregon.
• The company must share the common vision of creating a sustainable technology sector in Southern Oregon.
• The company must commit to participating in future efforts to attract and nurture high-tech companies interested in doing business in Southern Oregon.

Applications must include the following:
• An executive summary highlighting a scalable and compelling business opportunity. Limit to two pages.
• A description of the unique technology in general terms. Please include competitive advantages. Limit to two pages.
• A biography on each team member, including education and work experience. Please limit to two paragraphs

About the selection process
The deadline for grant applications is December 31, 2012. Once all applications have been submitted, a
review process will commence and five finalists will be selected.

Please Note:
the deadline for this grant is currently being considered for extension. For more information regarding this grant opportunity, please feel free to contact Sustainable Valley Technology Group or Rogue Valley Micro devices using the contact information listed below.

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