Inspection China Company, PTS, Commits to Services On Par With Global Standards

PTS, a China-based quality control inspection services provider, serves Southern Asian, European and American markets.

Quality control inspection is integral to business operations in any given facility. It is a critical phase that generally involves examining, measuring, gauging, testing or comparing certain items or goods being produced. The item's material or ingredient, quantity and condition are all assessed such that they conform to specified or standardized requirements.

PTS is a company that provides quality control services for a client's supply chain in Asia. As the pioneering Sino-European JV company offering this service, PTS is adept at managing local resources based on global standards.

Established in 2006, PTS is headquartered in Shanghai and operates large standard laboratories with comprehensive facilities in Ningbo. PTS provides tailor-made quality control solutions to clients in order to match the quality standards set by their markets. With PTS Inspection China services, clients are expected to be able to control their costs and yield more efficiently and professional production outputs.

"Our mission is to offer quality control solutions in the most professional, fast and efficient way," said PTS CEO Ignacio Adrada. "To achieve our mission we have more than 140 professional staffs in the labs and main industrial areas," he emphasized.

PTS' offices are in the main manufacturing areas in China and South Asia. While highly recognized as quality control China specialist, the PTS team also serves clients in Europe and America, and maintains offices in these areas. In particular, PTS also has global offices in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Serving clients worldwide, PTS has consultants who are fluent in Spanish, English and Chinese.

PTS guarantees a 24-hour response for all inquiries of clients and potential customers. The company is able to send well trained inspectors to factories anywhere in Asia. Following the conclusion of the inspection, PTS will deliver an accurate report within 12 hours.

To find out more about PTS and its full range of inspection services, please visit for information.

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