inQbaby releases 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) social network and integrates the streams with TwalkyEvents iphone app

inQbaby announced the launch of the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) social network built on top of the Twalky platform. The 2010 CES is a four day event starting today and is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is one of the largest annua

7 January 2010

inQbaby announced the launch of the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) social network built on top of the Twalky platform. The 2010 CES is a four day event starting today and is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is one of the largest annual tradeshow in the world, expecting to attract more than 140,000 visitors around the globe.

The CES twalky-based application consists of three main social networks, namely Maps, Sessions and HotSpots in Las Vegas. Under the Maps social network, attendees of the CES will be able to easily locate hotspots and its activities around them. "More than 1500 points of interest (POIs) in the CES have been populated on the customized maps and each of the POIs represents a social network/application where visitors can twalk" said Mr David So, Founder/CEO of inQbaby and Chief Twalker.

The Sessions social network has over 130 event streams and it is connected to TwalkyEvents, a real-time application that can be accessed natively on the iphone or from "iphone users of TwalkyEvents can also locate the geo-tagged CES sessions through GPS/WiFi/triangulation and post their status, comments and/or photos in real-time". Mr David So added.

Visitors can also use the CES app to find the top 100 hotspots outside the CES event with the distance of each hotspot calculated relative to the CES venue. Mr David So further highlighted, "With the third social network, it recommends attendees the places to visit in Las Vegas after the CES event through location-based social media".

About inQbaby

inQbaby is the corporate entity and business plaform that help businesses develop/hatch applications based on Twalky (inQbaby's technology platform). Mr David So, Founder and CEO of inQbaby and Inventor of Twalky was previously a well-known Asia-Pacific research analyst for telecom, media and technology (TMT) sectors during the past decade (started prior to the Mar 2000 dotcom crash) having appeared in international media channels such as TVs (CNBC, Sky News, Asia TV etc), newspapers (Wall Street Journal etc), journals (Business Week etc), radios and blogs for professional opinion on TMT companies. Please go to for some sample online sources with Mr David So's professional opinions or visit for more information about inQbaby.

About Twalky

Twalky is a web-based platform that enables users to build social networks/applications with real-time streams of anything (eg. places, events, people, products etc).

Applications built on Twalky platform are able to share their content amongst each other by connecting selective (or all) content from a network to another network. For example, TwalkyEvents is an iphone application based on Twalky using event streams and LeWeb2009 is a social network created by another Twalky user. Event streams from LeWeb2009 can be connected to TwalkyEvents network so that visitors of TwalkyEvents app are able to write and read on the LeWeb events. Please visit for more information.

About TwalkyEvents

TwalkyEvents enables your mobile phone to become a navigation tool and communication channel (like a "walkie a talkie") for events and its activities. The application is built on Twalky, a web-based platform where users can create applications with real-time streams of anything.

Based on event streams, you can record your activities and save photos of events that you want to share with friends or want for personal record keeping. TwalkyEvents enables you to explore hot events relative to your current location using GPS technology or keyword search. You can also use it to find your friends' whereabouts.

Using TwalkyEvents, you now have total control over how you want to spend your time at an event because it provides you the critical information of who, what, when, where, and why of all the activities in real time. Please visit the TwalkyEvents network in for more information.

About International Consumer Electronic Show

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a non-public trade show held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. At the show, many previews of products are introduced, and new products are announced. The show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with additional venues used for some specific technologies. The CES is considered one of the major technology-related trade shows, after Comdex was cancelled.

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David So

Founder/CEO of inQbaby and Chief Twalker

(8610) 58692932


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