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Cirrus Healthcare Products happens to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of specialized products for personal healthcare and travel markets with the main product portfolio centered on different types of earplugs.

Irritations and infections in the ear can prove to be extremely troublesome. However with some simple precautions and by using the right products at the right times, it is possible to keep the ear free from irritations or any type of damage. Cirrus Healthcare Products primarily deals with different types of earplugs that can easily alleviate symptoms associated with various common ear problems. The silicone ear plugs manufactured by the company helps to avoid ear discomfort during pressure changes while travelling in a flight. These ear plugs have also been specially designed to act as noise suppressors and keep the ear safe from any type of damages.

The foam earplugs developed by the company offer full comfort to the ears and are available in one size that can fit all. This premium quality, fully disposable earplugs are ideal for use during leisure, travel, sports, sleep, work and study. The earplugs have been developed in such a way that it helps with the reduction of ambient noise that originates from road work, traffic, snoring, etc. The innovative design of the earplugs along with the comfort they offer, make it the preferred choice of millions around the world. Ear discomfort can be reduced to a great extent by the use of these earplugs as well as keep the ears free from pain, infection or damage.

The bioears from Cirrus Healthcare Products have been used by some world famous swimmers like Joanne Jackson and Britta Steffen. These earplugs can be considered as the perfect tools for noise and water protection. These earplugs have anti-microbial properties and can easily mould according to shape of the ear of the user offering comfortable air tight seal. These earplugs are perfect for different types of water based activities like swimming, bathing, diving, etc. Unlike, conventional wax earplugs these earplugs are comfortable to wear and reusable.

Pressure build-up in the ears is a common problem among many people travelling in flights. The earplanes from Cirrus Healthcare Products consist of medical grade silicone that helps with the slowing down of pressure change within the ear. Pressure change within the ear not only causes discomfort and pain but, in some cases it can lead to hearing loss, vertigo and eardrum perforation. With the use of the earplanes, pressure is equalized within the ear that assists with easing the discomfort and pain. These earplugs contain CeramX filter that helps with regulation of the ear pressure naturally offering relief from discomfort during flying, popping and ear pain. All the products from the company guarantee users of high standard quality and total value for money.

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Cirrus Healthcare Products specializes in offering clients all over the world with top quality earplugs designed in a special way to decrease the symptoms associated with common ear problems.


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