Innovations in Food Preservation by Sammic, Spain

Sammic was founded in 1961, and not it is considered Spain's leading designer and manufacturer of foodservice equipment and one of the main players worldwide.

Freshly Squeezed LLC is well known for distributing commercial and industrial juicing equipment including Zumex juicers, ZumoNat juicing presses, and Ugolini cold drink dispensers. Freshly Squeezed is proud to announce a great addition to its product line -Sammic commercial kitchen equipment.

Sammic was founded in 1961, and not it is considered Spain's leading designer and manufacturer of foodservice equipment and one of the main players worldwide. Today Sammic supplies over 50% of the European market with an extensive product line of vegetable preparation machines, potato peelers, vacuum packers, cutlery dryers-polishers, cutters-emulsifiers, and more.

"Sammic Vacuum Packing machines are just the beginning to the success story" says Polina Chernomorets, President of Freshly Squeezed LLC. "When it comes to benefiting from specific kitchen tools, the Sammic vacuum packer - the only NSF approved vacuum packer on the market - tops the list, followed by the CA-301 vegetable processor which Chipotle is implementing in all of their locations, and the stick mixers that Wegmans Supermarket chain is using to replace the Robotcoupe compatible models for a lot less money, and maybe some of our other fantastic Sammic products." Chefs and caterers all over the world are taking advantage of Sammic vacuum packers to reduce food wastage, prolong shelf life, control portions, make food storage safer and implement higher food hygiene standards.

Sammic vacuum packers are specifically designed for the foodservice industry to help store prepared food such as fresh sliced lunch meat, chicken, fish, salads, fruits, vegetables, and best of all cheese that can be vacuum sealed and left out for several days without deterioration. The list extends out into pre-portioning sauces and soups and even entire dishes, cooked or uncooked. While helping pre-portion dishes, the vacuum packer also reduces the amount of food that is being wasted.

Eric Guth, Director of Sales for Freshly Squeezed LLC states, "It's been established - vacuum packing your food will not only save you money, but will make your food last much longer and still look fresh." The vacuum packers allow the food to stay fresh for up to three to five times longer than just refrigeration. For example, cooked meat that has been vacuum packed can last up to 20 days, compared to 5 in the refrigerator, that's a big difference. Dry food such as rice, pasta, and even dry fruits which normally has a shelf life of 180 days can be vacuum packed for 365 days. That's double the time. Now imagine the amount of money that could be saved!

Aside from increasing product's shelf life, frozen food that is stored in a vacuum pack never suffers from freezer burn. Vacuum packing provides a long lasting, contamination free alternative to preserving food.

Freshly Squeezed is an Official Distributor for Sammic foodservice equipment, Zumex automatic fruit and vegetable juicers, ZumoNat hydraulic juicing presses and other commercial food equipment.

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