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Inner Faith Travel has been in existence since the early 1980′s and became fully accredited in 1987. We have won the Israeli Tourism Award every year since it's inception in 1995. The company is steadily growing.

Israel is located in the Middle East between Egypt and Jordan and borders Lebanon and Syria to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the south. If you are looking to travel on an Israel tour and different regions of an Israel from Australia, you can book Israel tour directly with us. Below is a summary type description of the several points of interest

Destinations to visit Israel from Australia are:
1) The Uvda Valley and Eilat Mountains: The Uvda Valley's claim to fame is that despite its seeming bleakness, its soil is surprisingly rich. That is what made it prime land for settlement going back to prehistoric times.

2) The Negev Desert: The Negev desert is a vast and sparsely populated piece of land which accounts for over half of Israel's land area.

3) The Judean Desert: The Judean Desert is considered a relatively small desert but it contains many fascinating nature reserves, historic sites, monasteries and primeval panoramas that make it an exciting and unique place to visit.

4) The Dead Sea: The lowest spot on the face of the earth, and a natural health spa - the Dead Sea is one site you don't want to miss!

5) Valley of Elah: The site of David's epic battle against Goliath has become one of the hidden gems of the country, offering visitors to come and sample the rising stars in Israeli wines. Forty-five minutes southwest of Jerusalem, visitors to Israel can experience one of the country's most tightly held secrets: the Valley of Elah.

6) Gush Etzion: This region south of Jerusalem, with its picturesque rolling hills adorned with grape arbors and olive groves.

7) The Dan Region (Gush Dan): The Dan Region is the pulsing hub of the country, the metropolis at the heart of Israeli business and culture.

8) The Coastal Plain: Warm, soft sand, seashells and snails, waves that lap the shore and wide open spaces - these are the features of Israel's coastal plain.

9) The Lowlands: The Lowlands, or the Shfela as they are called in Hebrew, are the transitional foothills between the country's central mountains and the coastal plain.

10) Sea of Galilee (Lake Kineret): The Kineret, or Sea of Galilee, is Israel's largest fresh water reservoir, and is also the country's largest and most important source of drinking water.

We also offer holy land tour to Jordan, Jerusalem,Turkey and many more.

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About Us:
INNER FAITH TRAVEL is a non-denominational Christian travel company, established to serve the travel needs of the Church.Inner Faith Travel has been in existence since the early 1980′s and became fully accredited in 1987. We have won the Israeli Tourism Award every year since it's inception in 1995. We operate tours from New Zealand, Nadi, Fiji and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Our goals are :
1) To become the travel arm to all God's people, providing a travel service both domestically and internationally.
2) To assist in the spreading of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth through assisting the missions of the church.
3) To maintain the exaltation of the name of the Lord Jesus in all aspects of our work and to sow back into the Kingdom of God.
4) To bless Israel.

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