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We connect influential content creators with thousands of innovative brands


Influencer Benefits

We deliver valuable project opportunities that are relevant to your passions and interests

Get Paid to Do What You Love

Profit from your passions by collaborating on campaigns that are in your industry.

Develop Relationships with Brands

Connect with brands that are relevant to your interests, engage with them while also establishing your own network of brands.

Ensure Accurate Data

We collect data on thousands of influencers across all social media platforms. Once you sign up and authenticate yourself, our data tools can cross reference and make sure we are on target and up-to-date to provide you the best insight on your social analytics.

Analytics (Coming Soon)

Track your performance on certain social media channels overtime with our analytics tools. It will be all in your account when you register with Newswire Influence.

How It Works

Receive Opportunities

Accept offers from brands to collaborate on campaigns.

Create Content

Once you have accepted a campaign, create the content and submit for review.

Get Paid

Once your content is approved, post it to your social media accounts, and get paid.

Apply to be a Newswire Influence Influencer

Newswire Influence provides a seamless platform where you can build relationships with brands, collaborate on campaigns, and view advertiser offers from thousands of brands including Fortune 500 companies.

Brands We Work With

Our Influencer Community

Our influencers love working with Newswire Influence because we match them with great brands that they are passionate about, so they can earn money doing what they love.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a campaign opportunity arises, brands will reach out to influencers with collaboration offers via email.

Earnings are relative for each campaign depending on a number of factors including how many followers an influencer has, whether an influencer will be creating content, how many postings a campaign is requires among other components of a campaign.

Yes. Newswire is not an agency and we do not represent influencers and do not conflict with influencers that are represented by agencies.

Sponsored Content: The influencer posts an article on a blog or a post on social media that reviews or discusses your product or service.

Shared Content: In this situation, the influencer shares the business’s content with his or her audience, such as by retweeting a post on Twitter or sharing the content on Facebook.

Co-Created Content: Some influencers also work with brands to create content together. They might produce videos, write blog posts, or share data.

Giveaways: Let your influencer give away one or more of your products to his or her audience. This can be set up as a contest or as a random drawing — from commenters on an Instagram post, for example.

Have questions?

If you would like to learn more about how our platform works, please send us an email with any questions. We would love to explain to you more on how you can benefit from Newswire Influence.

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