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Industry Intelligence Webinar: Port Hawkesbury Mill Not Expected To Exert Long-Term Influence

Verle Sutton, editor of The Reel Time Report, addressed an audience of more than 125 professionals in an Industry Intelligence, Inc. i2live webinar and said the Nova Scotia mill is not expected to exert a long-term influence on publication papers

Industry Intelligence Inc., a market intelligence and information management company serving the forest products, packaging, and food and beverage industries, today announced the highlights of its Verle Sutton i2live webinar on Oct. 3. Verle Sutton, editor of The Reel Time Report, spoke to a webinar audience of more than 125 paper and publishing industry professionals. Sutton's presentation focused on the outlook for widely used publication paper grades, coated free-sheet and coated groundwood.

During the webinar, Sutton highlighted the market implications of the recently restarted Port Hawkesbury Paper supercalendered mill in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia. Sutton noted the restart isn't expected to have a long-term influence on publication papers, though the effect could be dramatic in the short-to-medium term.

Port Hawkesbury started operating the supercalendered machine on Oct. 3 and is expected to produce 400,000 tonnes per year. Sutton pointed out that the North American capacity for supercalendered is 1 million tonnes per year and he called the sudden boost to the grade's capacity "historic." However, Sutton noted that this capacity boost was a 2013 event, and he did not expect the impact to spill forward. "I don't think it will go on impacting 2014 and 2015," he said.

In referencing the newsprint market, Sutton said, "So, when we look forward into next year, I don't think there's any other forecast that we could make other than publishing will continue to decline. Let's assume maybe at today's rates of 7% or so. So, we will see continued fallout in newsprint next year."

The Oct. 3 webinar was sponsored by Industry Intelligence, Inc. as part of its ongoing series of market-relevant, value-added accessible content. The presentation was sponsored by the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA), the association for the paper distribution channel, and Two Sides, an initiative by companies from the graphic communications supply chain aimed at increasing people's knowledge about why print and paper constitute a versatile and sustainable communications medium.

The Reel Time Report is a 12-page, monthly analytical report that provides a comprehensive and independent analysis of the publication-grade paper markets, i.e., newsprint, value-added groundwood grades and coated grades. Each report includes a focus on pricing, analysis and market forecast; and is considered a must-read by producers, paper buyers, merchants, paper analysts, and investors. To find out more, please call (310) 553-0008.

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