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Indican Pictures Releases the Gang Infested 5th Street

Indican Pictures will release the crime action feature 5th Street on April 8, 2014. 5th Street unveils a city's worst nightmare as the police hunt for an executioner who will stop at nothing for vengeance.

5th Street is a gritty inside look into L.A. gang violence and those who wish to clean up the filth that invades their neighborhood. The film made its world premiere at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles followed by several other notable festivals as an award winning debut. This gripping tale was developed by actor Eric Martinez, Emmy Award winner Charles Wachter (Fast Food Nation with Jamie Oliver) and Emmy Award Nominee Howard Dratch.

The film opens as Joe Montoya (Eric Martinez) loses his wife to a gang-related shooting. Montoya is overcome with blood-lust and vows to stop at nothing to exact his revenge on those responsible. After discovering a community of others victimized by gang violence and betrayal by the justice system, Montoya decides to take the law into his own hands. Unexpectedly, local gangsters start to disappear and violence escalates. How far is one willing to go and how much can one sacrifice in order to achieve the reparations deserved?

"This accurate depiction of modern day Los Angeles, coupled with intense realism and multi-cultural characters leaves your heart pounding", said Jeff Benegar of Indican Pictures. "Additionally, it's pretty remarkable to watch a direct descendant of Charlie Chaplin (Orson Chaplin) onscreen."

The film stars Christian Monzon (Honey), renowned model on the fashion circuit, Anne Leighton (Gangster Squad), a bright, up-and-coming actress in network television, Jason Giuliano (Red), Orson Chaplin (Seahorses) and Eric Martinez.

5th Street will be in rental stores, retail chains and available in 180 million homes on Video On Demand throughout North America beginning on April 8, 2014.

Indican Pictures is a boutique distribution company specializing in feature films. Additional details about 5th Street are available at the Indican Pictures website:

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