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In the interest of the general public and in order to further his research, iron ore expert Vaman Kumar talks about the financial market regulations that China has recently introduced with regard to the iron ore market.

Vaman Kumar, an industry expert associated with Nordbell Commercial Limited Shares Latest Iron Ore Update: China Toughens Up On Iron Ore Loans.

Iron ore is not a hot market for investors right now. Certainly, the trend has been on a downward spiral since a very long time; however, the consequences of the same have been shaping up off late in an extremely adverse manner. The global impact of the iron ore price crash has put a number of iron ore companies as easily as investors into a hard block.

Amidst such frenzy, iron ore expert Vaman Kumar has been trying to help the new market entrants to make wise investment decisions. The expert collects information and research data that he uses in his study of the iron ore prices. To make available the fruits of his study to the public, he keeps his work 'open to all' through the World Wide Web. Off late, Vaman Kumar has added a new piece of news to his study on the prices of iron ore and its implications. As per his study, China is currently tightening up loans on iron ore imports.

A news excerpt that he uses in his news says, "China plans to become tougher on loans for iron ore imports as concerns grow that steel mills are using import loans to stay afloat in defiance of policies to reduce overcapacity in heavily polluting and loss making industries. The China Banking Regulatory Commission warned banks to tighten controls over letters of credit for iron ore imports in a document that caused iron ore futures in China to drop 5 per cent."

Vaman Kumar shares that every region of the world is trying to do its bit to improve the market situation. China, for example, has made its grip on its financial markets tighter so as to shield against losses occurring because of import of low grade iron ore. Another new excerpt used in his report states, "The bulk and difficulty of transporting iron ore makes it a cumbersome material for raising money, limiting its flexibility as a financing tool compared with copper or gold." He says, this is also one of the reasons for tightening loan regulation on iron ore imports.

Further to the happenings in the iron ore industry from around the world, Vaman Kumar also shares the implications and the consequences of iron ore price fluctuations in the market, for the common man to read and understand about.

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Vaman Kumar, is an industry expert in the field of international trade and global commodity trade, especially in the field of iron ore trading. He has been associated with the Nordbell Commercial Limited and his interests include Metals, Minerals and Energy in Commodity Trading, International trade, Banking, Finance and Credit and Risk Management.

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