Indian Intelligence New and Innovative Power Bio Weapon

Indian Intelligence taking support of private rented player invented most powerful Cyber Bio Weapon using Homo-Digital Technology.

Technological battle between different countries is not new,Cyber war is also happening affair. But Indian intelligence is now making things really splendid.Recently in 2013,in the month of May,it astonished the Norway Cyber technology giant Norman-Shark .The website of Norman Shark was penetrated by Indian Intelligence by its' rented private group Appin Security Group, and the details is available in this website.

The used Malware in this hacking attack was peculiar and regarding this, one of the Indian researchers explained it in the Face Book of Central Bureau Of Investigation,India,you can find it here: .

I am trying to explain in few words the origin of this Hacking tool.The origin of this Malware is from India only ,the intelligence group of India with some rented players produced it spending together some sleepless night with Bio-Homo Experience in 'Bed Offer' process.Details you can find only from the FaceBook version of Central Bureau Investigation,India.I have referred the link above.So it is really amazing Cybernetics can be combined with Bio-genetics (Sex Chromosome) .This digital intelligence is so high class that Federal Bureau of Investigation might be attracted by this invention. We may expect in near future a collaborative project between India and Federation intelligence.This digital intelligent technology can prove that human brain if be combined with Cybernetics and Internet functionality it may evolve a Cyber-HOMO-Bot replacing a hacker. Seven series of Homo-Bot can auto update to crack any level of powerful operating system and can seize all Kernel functionality just like a digital Bio Viral attack.It means that there would be a singular difference between a biological virus and computer,one attack homo sapience another attack digital system.And later ,we may imagine of an end product from a mutation among Digital and analog virus which can attack both human and computer,so first Homo-Digital virus invention credit should go to Indian Intelligence,CBI.