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Income Acceleration Mentor David Neagle Announces A Newly Branded Website for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Sales Professionals

Best Selling author of The Millions Within, David Neagle, launches a new brand and website that offers entrepreneurs and corporate sales professionals programs and products on how to get past the 7-figure income level, often in 12 months.

Income Acceleration Mentor and best-selling author of The Millions Within, David Neagle, launches a new brand and website that will bring his message to a wider audience and help more entrepreneurs and sales-based professionals achieve success.

According to a recent study conducted by the independent firm PayScale, small business owners earn on average between $25,000 and$75,000 annually. In response to this trend, David Neagle has expanded his website to further help entrepreneurs and salespersons break through financial barriers with new programs.

For over a decade, David Neagle has helped thousands of business owners and thought leaders through personal coaching, live events, and business- and personal-development products that help change negative mindsets and false belief systems, and implement high-level business techniques and strategies.

With the launch of his newly branded website and core services, Neagle hopes to spread his message and offer his fundamental teachings to an even wider audience.

When asked about some of his new service offerings, Neagle said, "My new corporate training programs allow sales professionals to up-level their abilities, increase their conversion rates, build their businesses, and create a bigger income."

To further expand the inspirational content, the newly branded website allows visitors to purchase paperback and digital versions of Neagle's best-selling book, The Millions Within, wherein he explains his understanding of Universal Laws that allow others to manifest what they want.

In addition, the new website continues to serve visitors with popular features, such as The Neagle Code, a weekly newsletter where the Income Acceleration Mentor tackles some of the toughest questions and major problems facing business owners and salespersons today.

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