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In-Door Shooting Range and Concealed Carry Realistic Training Underway

Now in Woodland Park, Colorado the public has an opportunity to receive hand-gun training in a very realistic, indoor environment. CHP Colorado is excited to offer "Simunition" -- the first of its kind training to civilians.

Responding to a national interest by the public to provide concealed carry courses, a new business, CHP Colorado, with more than 18 years experience, has relocated to Woodland Park, Colorado.

With Teller County, Colorado having more handguns registered than any other county in Colorado it made sense for owners Miles De Young and Ken Klinger to re-locate their successful business from Steamboat Springs to this mountain community.

"We provide lifesaving skills and not just a certificate," De Young said.

Until CHP Colorado opened its doors earlier in the year there was no indoor concealed carry training facility. "Concealed carry training has typically been a classroom setting," De Young said. "Having an opportunity to face simulated threat situations without compromising safety is a real plus when it comes to legally carrying a firearm."

In addition, having classes indoors so weather is not a factor is a real plus. "I know we all like living at 9,000 feet because it is so beautiful. However, the weather at altitude can provide challenges," he said. "So, basically with our indoor facility we have countered 'Mother Nature'."

CHP Colorado is excited to offer "Simunition" - unique new training to civilians in the community. "Until recently only military and law enforcement were allowed to use Simunition equipment," De Young said.

Simunition is a training system, developed by General Dynamics, that uses non-lethal, short-range training ammunition to provide the most realistic training possible. "Police officers, military forces and now, the public can engage in experience building and ultimately lifesaving exercises," De Young said.

CHP Colorado uses an FX® marking cartridge (soap-based dye), weapon conversion kit and protective equipment. "Yes, we can take certain popular gun models, i.e. revolvers, 9MM, Beretta, and Glock, for example and modify them for the training," De Young added. De Young emphasized that bringing your own weapons is not mandatory as the company has guns available.

The training is very realistic. "Our training program is based on reality - we do force-on-force scenarios in a safe environment," De Young said. "Our philosophy is that if you are going to carry a gun you should have some level of training other than reading the instructions that come in the box."

"Realistic training can be the difference between life and death," Klinger said. "Our courses allow students to improve tactical skills and condition their responses to fear."

CHP Colorado has taught responsible gun ownership to more than 1,000 students to include gun loading and unloading as well as what to do if there is a gun malfunction.

The company is currently offering a number of basic courses but is already thinking about expansion. "We provide an all inclusive package for new and veteran firearms enthusiasts where we provide the firearms as well as the ammunition for the classes," De Young said. "We are considering opening the range, by appointment, so that members of the public can maintain proficiency."

The course list of classes (including Colorado laws, traffic stop issues, etc. ) are by appointment only and include:

-- Basic Concealed Handgun (7 hour)

-- Reality Based Training Scenarios (4 hour)

-- Refuse to be a Victim (4 hour)

-- Specialty training. (Call number below for details)

Course costs range from $100 to $150 with private and group rates available. Ideal class size is up to eight students.

With the number of women owning handguns increasing, CHP Colorado offers a "Women only" class. "We encourage every woman to handle a gun safely for their defense," said female instructor Romy Klinger. "We are a building block so that women can feel empowered and build their confidence."

De Young and Klinger have extensive law enforcement or military experience in weapons and tactics. "Our passion is gun safety and being able to handle life threatening situations," Klinger said. "As a result of our real-world experience, our company provides the highest level of training and professionalism."

About the CHP Colorado Team:

Miles De Young

Over 12 years in law enforcement

- 6 years U.S. Army (Military
Police and Psychological Warfare)

- NRA Certified Rifle Instructor

- Colorado P.O.S.T. Handgun Instructor

- Former SWAT Team Commander
and Instructor

- Former Sniper Team Leader

- 4-H Group Leader in Shooting Sports

- Former Emergency Medical

- BLACKWATER S.W.A.T. Instructor

- Over 9 years teaching youth through
adult firearms safety.

Ken Klinger

18 years experience law enforcement
firearms instructor

- Firearms and Tactics Instructor for U.S.N.
Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection Teams

- Former Instructor at the Academy Level

- Assistant Project Manager Advanced
Tactical Services, armed hurricane relief

- Former SWAT Team Leader & Instructor

- Over 16 years teaching citizen concealed
handgun training classes

Romy Klinger

-14 Years Swiss Army Med Evac,
Infantry and mechanized areas

- NRA Handgun Instructor

- RTBAV Instructor
(Refuse to be a Victim Iinstructor)

- GUNSITE Close Quarter Handgun
Defense Training

- Competitive IPSC Shooter in Single
Stack Division

- Over 6 years teaching citizen concealed
handgun training classes.

- Emergency Medical Technician

More information can be found at:
phone: 719.357.1989

800 Research Drive
Suite #200
Woodland Park, CO 80863
(Located in the Tamarac Business Center)

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CHP Colorado
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