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Offering insightful member discussions and SEO tools on relevant topics, is the latest community to help marketers and entrepreneurs thrive and educate themselves in the ever-changing online arena.

Having an online business can be very lucrative. The successes of many online entrepreneurs are enticing enough for others who are willing to give the Internet business landscape a try. However, it is no secret that stories of failure are just as discouraging. The journey to success can be a daunting task, especially for those who have tried but have still failed to turn a profit. More often than not, online business failures are attributed to lack of thorough knowledge on how the process works.

Mastery of the basic online strategies, no matter how trivial, can also contribute to success. Moreover, it pays to network with others who are either starting out or sharing their expertise in the field to inspire and assist people who want to make it big online. IMTalk is dedicated to doing just that: keeping online marketers connected through a community forum.

"Many people suffer from bad website rankings because of lack of SEO and Internet Marketing knowledge. We provide an excellent place for members to connect and learn about what works in order avoid the common pitfalls many experience," explained owner, Nemanja. "IMTalk members can also access many SEO tools we have availble, which will help them jumpstart any website and improve rankings," he continued.

IMTalk members can browse the various threads to find answers to questions related to an online business. The website lets each member share and engage in on the must-know information and strategies to a successful Internet marketing and SEO journey.

"We try to help others with their problems and invite everyone to be a trustworthy, helpful, honest, valuable member in the community," continued Nemanja.

At, members can join in the Internet Marketing general talk with general discussions about marketing and business, branding and advertising. The section offers all sorts of ideas, ways and systems to monetize a website, a blog, an email list, or any other method to make money online. Affiliate programs, email marketing, opt-in lists, social networks, community websites and legal or copyright issues are also being discussed at

Questions, tips and techniques relating to search engines and Search Engine Optimization also posted at, as well as Keyword Research, Niche Planning, On-Page SEO and Content Creation topics. also serves as an online marketplace for visitors, with its Buy & Sell Trade section featuring eBooks, software, scripts, tools, lists, "money-making methods" and other products.

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