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Improve Your English with ESL Book: A Practical Guide to Learning American English

ESL veteran instructor and writer, Sandra Campbell, shares the benefits about her language guide with non-native speakers who want to improve their English.

Author and language instructor, Sandra Campbell, states that her language guide will help struggling ESL learners improve their skills in English. According to Campbell, her book, A Practical Guide to Learning American English: Useful Tips for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced English Students is designed to help non-native learners understand basic skills in American English. The guide features material that will help beginning, intermediate, and advanced English students.

Based on Ms. Campbell's ten years of teaching English as a Second Language, A Practical Guide to Learning American English reviews essential grammar, speaking, and listening tips in a fun, easy-to-follow how-to guide. The book includes the following sections: Pronunciation, Building Vocabulary, Writing Right, Speaking in English, The Listening Game, and a bonus section on helping children understand American English. There is also an appendix section for students which includes review material and information on verb tenses, practice conversations, and American idioms.

Ms. Campbell has worked with students from Indonesia, Angola, China, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Mexico, and France. She understands the unique needs of non-native speakers and believes her book will help students improve their confidence and skills in American English. As a writer, Ms. Campbell has worked exclusively to help students improve their writing skills in English. Working extensively with adults and children, she reports that students who learn to write well in English will also improve their speaking abilities since the two are closely related. She states that her book will help language students in this difficult area. Ms. Campbell hosts a Facebook page for her book and posts tips on how students can improve their language skills.


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