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Importance Of Chinese Characters Flash Cards And New Practical Chinese Reader For Chinese Language Learners

Purple Panda Global is a Place to Learn Chinese Language Through Intelligent Talking Flashcard Apps.

"Purple Panda Global", a joint project of Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne) and Purple Panda Pty Ltd, was established back in 2002 - 5 with the objective of commercializing Chinese language learning software, developed at the university. The software aims at providing a convenient and smarter way of learning Chinese language. The Purple Panda Global has been developed keeping in view the level of a non-native speaker and aims at helping teach a novice to communicate like an expert.

A lot of research, innovation, and development have gone into the making of the software that offers products such as talking phrasebook (Mandarin to English), Intelligent Chinese character talking flashcards, HSK Chinese Flash Cards and more.

Purplepandaglobal.com is a web based software solution for helping non-native Chinese learners and has been recently launched to facilitate students learn Chinese characters based on the latest syllabus of the New Practical Chinese Reader.

The Chinese character flash cards used by purple panda are categorized into various learning levels. In addition to their grouping these talking and animated Chinese flash cards are also segregated in accordance with particular text book / exam syllabus such as HSK Chinese or the new practical Chinese reader.

Based on the repetitive learning concept the software uses electronic flash cards that keep repeating themselves at frequency determined by the number of times the student answers a question wrong. In simpler words the more a student gives wrong answer to a particular question the software also increases the number of repetitions on that particular question until the student memorizes the word.

The web-based language learning software has gained a lot of popularity during a short span of time that is evident from the ever-increasing number of its users. The state of the art learning concept is highly effective as the intelligent flashcards allow a user to practice on their weakest areas characters and words.

Chinese language ways considered a tough language to learn. With so many similar characters to master, the mere enormity of the Chinese characters and words could be more than overwhelming for many.

Thanks to Purple Panda, now you can set your own pace for learning Chinese language and that too from any convenient location of your choice. All you have to do is to log into your purple panda account and start using Chinese language translation tool.

In addition to the general acceptability and a positive user feedback, the authenticity of Purple Panda Global could be assessed by the fact that these products have been granted license by Oxford University Press and the University of Melbourne. , which is indeed a great achievement and a proof of the effectiveness of Purple Panda Global as a great learning tool.

This new website is a great help for non- native Chinese language learners. The website gives the learners an opportunity to learn Chinese language right from the comfort of their homes and the learning facility is available 24/7.

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