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Aadhishiva Raw Cashew Importers and Exporters is one among the pioneers of cashew business in India, established in the year 2007.

Aadhishiva is one amongst the leading industries in cashew imports and exports with versatile packaging system in Asian country, that by currently has been acknowledged in concert of the simplest innovation for the cashew business on an entire.

To maintain the standard even within the method, we are using advanced technology like moving separators, moving aspirators to strain cashew and additionally metal detectors in our packaging line to assure that solely the simplest cashew goes into our packing.

Aadhishiva insistence on quality, excellence and timely delivery, has ensured itself a market among the standard aware customers of the USA, UK, Japan, UAE, Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands, Australia and New Island that has ensured Aadhishiva commands a premium over most of the shippers.

The professionally qualified internal control team at Aadhishiva conducts frequent surveys the least bit process and packing centers, and quality testing before every cargo, guaranteeing that solely the best cashew products are available to our customers.

Cashew is customized to heat wet tropical conditions. It will be fully grown in the majority styles of soils from sandy to dirt associate degreed up to an elevation of 600-700 m as well as wastelands of low fertility. It grows and yields best in well-drained red sandy loams and light-weight coastal sands. Serious clay soils, poor emptying conditions, terribly coldness and frost are unsuitable for the crop.

The Indian crop processed kernels are having a good demand within the world market attributable to its color & style. The Indian crop accounts to regarding approx 25% of the world raw edible nut production.

Dormancy time could May - October
Bloom stage middle Oct - Dec
Development throughout January
Harvest season middle February -Mid April

India is additionally the world's largest businessperson of raw cashew nut to satisfy its process wants. Following is that the ascending orders of raw cashew nut commercialism countries on the premise of amount, Ivory coast (Cote d'Ivoire) , Guinea Bissau , Indonesia , Benin , Tanzania , Ghana , Mozambique , Nigeria , Kenya , Cambodia, Guinea , Gambia , Mali etc.

It is to be conjointly noted that here the foremost share of the globe raw cashew nut production is imported by Kerala state , in India by varied process units in & around , except alternative cashew process states like Tamilnadu , Andhra Pradesh & Goa correspondingly . Cashew Plantations in Kerala state are principally within the North Malabar, particularly Kannur & Kasargod. The other cashew nut growing states in India are Tamilnadu, Orissa, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat & west Bengal.

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