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IMMQAS is a well known or recognized lab that offers different types of immunodiagnostic testing to help people know about the extent of infection. The lab follows various types of schemes and standards to offers dedicated services to their patients.

Body immunity is one of the crucial areas to be looked into. The stronger the immunity, the healthier is the lifestyle. So, if you want to avoid health issues, it is must to have a strong immunity. Germs and microbes enter our body through different means and may become the cause if infection that may have devastating effects on the health on longer run. Hence, it is important to keep a strict watch over growing blood components through various immunodiagnostic investigations. It is must to carry out these tests to know the extent and severity of infection in the body. Above all, it shall always be kept in mind that it is only behalf of these tests that the right treatment plan could be diagnosed. Medical experts' decisions for the treatment plan depend upon the reports of these tests. Thus, it becomes must to look for an accredited lab that could look into all the relevant parameters and could come up with exact and accurate results.

EQA, External Quality Assessment is one of the schemes that are followed for laboratory quality assessment. These laboratories are not only well equipped but also have experienced and dedicated staff that is well aware of related problems that may arise and thus, take the needed precautions. These schemes, including PT, Proficiency Testing are good to keep incompatibility issues at bay. Likewise, it is good to get the tests done through such labs to have exact and accurate reports such that likelihood of errors is reduced drastically. It is good to have these schemes for accurate quality assurance allergy testing.

Immunology Quality Services, IMMQAS is a well known UK quality assurance immunology lab that has earned good name for better immunodiagnostic investigations for the patients' betterment. It is non-profit organization that works with NHS to offer quality services to its customers. It is UK NEQAS Immunochemistry, Immunology and Allergy centre in Sheffield that is involved with distribution of CSF, urine and EQA samples. Likewise, IMMQAS follow various types of schemes, including over 30 across myriad of laboratories, scattered in UK as well as abroad. Proficiency testing Oncology services are also offered by IMMQAS.

The laboratory operates dedicated facilities at Northern General Hospital, working in the direction to offer clinical relevant and responsive services. IMMQAS, quality assurance auto immunity lab in UK, maintains and improves skill to offer quality assurance testing to the patients. With the complete focus on testing and implementing proficiency in technical and clinical interpretation, the experts leave no stone unturned in helping patient get to know the accurate investigations. Apart from these testing services, the lab also educate people on different medical or lab performance areas

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