Illustrator Michelle Rooney, to Launch a New Blog is beginning a new year with a new blog

Illustrator and Cartoonist, Michelle Rooney is gearing up to launch her new Roon Toons blog, December 31st. Attached directly from her current website,, readers will soon find a new blog which will contain postings with a new unique cartoon every week. The purpose of the Roon Toons blog is to amuse readers, inspire smiles, and showcase Rooney's diverse portfolio of work.

Michelle Rooney remembers since childhood always having an art utensil in-hand. She was then called to illustration as a way to express her thoughts to paper, finding her campy style featuring animals and people in every day situations. The humor comes from the common place life moments that make us smile. "I have always been drawn to the comical side of human nature and its complexities" states Rooney about the subjects of her cartoons. Michelle has built her career by creating cute and clever advertisements, cards, invitations, and web images for a variety of clients and children's and women's fashion magazines. Michelle Rooney's followers anxiously await the launch of her new blog.

Cartoons are playing a new importance in media, in this social media age where are picture speaks a thousand words. Marketing has shifted from the 'content is king' philosophy to a need for amusing images that say it all. Michelle Rooney's Roon Toons blog will show great examples of how to draw in an audience with images. For more information please email and visit For blog posts please visit on December 31st ###

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