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ILHT Dubai's Director Is Celebrities Favorite Choice for Hair Transplant Needs

The man behind the ILHT; Dr. Sajjad Khan has enlisted on the top by most of the people particularly celebrities who were engulfed by the plummeting menace of hair loss.

Dr. Sajjad Khan is the brain behind the successful idea of hair transplantation center in Pakistan, ILHT. He is not only the pioneers of hair transplant in Pakistan but also throughout the world. He is qualified and certified from United States of America.

Being the director of ILHT international and the first diplomat American board of hair restorative surgery, he has made ILHT one of the best, prestigious and recognizable hair transplantation clinics all over the world.

lThe success of ILHT is the outcome of effort of Dr. Sajjad Khan along with his twenty years experience in hair transplantation field.
Hair loss problem is uninvited guest whose nuisance never leaves.

Not only the ordinary people but many celebrities have been victimized by the menace of hair loss. Celebrities are not strangers to hair transplantation.

Being the public figure, lustrous hair and handsome personality of celebrities are paramount to make their career brighter. Baldness or hair loss can flash the career of a celebrity.

ILHT has made the dream of lustrous hair of the celebrities come true. A steady stream of well known male celebrities round the globe has endured the hair transplant surgery from the world's best clinic ILHT.

Hair transplant surgery from ILHT has proven to be the first and foremost choice of most of the celebrities. Hair transplant surgery is not just the realm of TV and film stars but public figures from different professionals have also facilitated with latest hair restorative procedures.

They prefer to take hair transplantation surgery from the director of ILHT, Dr. Sajjad Khan. Moammar Rana, Ahmad Butt, Fakhar, Khawaja Junaid are the shining stars of Pakistan who have undergone hair transplantation surgery from ILHT and happiest with the outcomes. ILHT has become their favorite choice to resolve many issues concerning hair loss.

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