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Oceanside Photo and Telescope, or OPT is not only one of the top retailers of telescopes in the world.

Oceanside Photo and Telescope, or OPT is not only one of the top retailers of telescopes in the world - but since they started operating in the year 1947, they have also been a full line dealer of popular camera equipments from brands like Canon and Nikon.

Your decision to buy telescope can very well be the gateway to one of the most enjoyable experiences in your entire life, but at the same time it can be equally frustrating too. Selecting a telescope that will be right for your requirements is critically important and with so many different choices available in the market, it can certainly be a difficult proposition. At OPT they bring in a complete range of Meade and Celestron telescope against great prices.

Whenever you are going to buy telescope, OPT offers you the best help for finding the right equipments. What will you like to do with your telescope? It is one of the most important factors to consider. If it is only an introduction to astronomy that you require, you can buy telescope with a smaller refractor or reflector. But if you want to look beyond our own solar system, or want to do photography through your telescope, or use it for bird watching, you need to choose the right model as per your exact requirements. OPT brings in a complete line of Meade telescopes and also from a number of renowned manufacturers like Takahashi, Orion StarMax, Celestron or Discovery.

Before you visit OPT for buying telescopes it's important to know that prices of telescopes available with them do vary greatly and it is always better to have a clear idea as per your budget. It is always better to opt for the best that you can afford. Most telescopes available with them can be used right out of the box, but you will also like to have some extra accessories anyway and at OPT they also bring in the best products for the customers.

For more information about the company or to buy your telescope from the huge range on offer here, please visit the website http://www.optcorp.com/.

About The Company

OPT, Oceanside Photo and Telescope, is a leading retailer of high-quality, branded telescopes for sale. Established in 1947, the company emerged as the most prominent telescope dealer in the world, with a full-line of high-end products from Coronado, Celestron, Vixen, Takahashi, Televue, SBIG, and much more. For more information, please visit OptCorp.com.

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Name: OPT Telescopes
Address: 918 Mission Avenue - Oceanside, CA 92054 USA
Phone: 800-483-6287
Website: http://www.optcorp.com/

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OPT Telescopes
OPT Telescopes
OPT Telescopes
918 Mission Avenue - Oceanside, CA
Oceanside, CA 92054
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