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"If It Is Ethnic Wear, It's Got to Be Zohraa"

Zohraa.com - The Royal Wardrobe is fast becoming the in thing in ethnic wear. A large collection of suits, sarees, lehenga cholis and of course cool accessories to go with it provide a host of shopping options which are unparalleled.

Indian Kings and Queens of yore were defined by their clothing. The ethnic tradition is an old one in this country and defines who we are. We at Zohraa believe that ethnic wear is here to stay and might in fact over time transcend boundaries and influence the westerners akin what western wear did for us in the past two decades.

Zohraa was started as the Royal Wardrobe. It was defined by a large collection of styles sorted to suit every eager eye that comes on the website. Sanjeev Jain, a partner at Zohraa says "We hope to initiate the uninitiated to visit the website and want each and every visitor to find what she was looking for. We provide a host of options and provide the right combination of technology and fashion."

Vibhor Tikiya confers with Sanjeev on the same "Our endeavor is to create an ethnic brand online. We are continuously learning and evolving in this process. We endeavor to create a brand of our own in the near future which we can also take offline."

Zohraa.com has a vast list of suppliers backing the firm. Pramod Rathi who manages the firm's suppliers comments on the same "For any e-commerce firm such as ours, it is very important that suppliers trust the firm's working. They have to believe the firm will do everything in their interests while balancing the demands of the customer. In that sense, we are more an aggregator and a mediator at the same time."

Darshit who handles the technology aspect of the firm comments "Every product has to look perfect on the website. An Anarkali suit or a designer saree should look enticing enough to allure the customer. That alone is not enough. After the purchase, the customer should be satisfied with the purchase. The cycle is complete only when the customer comes back to Zohraa."

We asked Vibhor whether customers are prone to retail purchase and he immediately replied "Customers want value. There is a small proportion of users who do end up wanting more. That happens with retail purchase as well. So many times we go back to the retail store unsatisfied with our purchase. It is the duty of the e-tailer or retailer to attend to you. The one who takes care of these best will emerge the winner."

"Our final goal", says Sanjeev, "is to become the in thing for ethnic wear in the country. When you think ethnic, we want you to think about Zohraa. The brand has to be strong enough to have sufficient recall value in the customer's mind. We will do what it takes to make Zohraa synonymous with retail wear."

Here's wishing the directors best wishes to achieve what they started out to.

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