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The rate by which identity theft and personal data breaches is going has become increasingly alarming. Estimated to be a $40 billion business, the crime affected roughly 8 million people in 2013. Because it is carried out in a very subtle manner, unsuspecting individuals are led to believe that they are safe - until they discover something off about their credit reports.

Recent information on the major data breach that affected Target holiday shoppers is painting a clearer picture of the unfortunate situation: the round of attacks was so widespread it also hit Neiman Marcus and at least three other smaller retailers.

The security breach affected some 70 million transactions in U.S. Target stores last December, compromising customer information. Malware was reportedly found in the Point-of-Sale Systems in various Target shops. A similar attack which also compromised customer credit card details was recently reported at Neiman Marcus.

Helping in the fight against the subtle yet devastating crime, Identity Theft Reporter offers up-to-date and complete identity theft resource summary. The website provides links to helpful online resources that provide protection tips and information on whom to contact and what to do.

To ensure protection, people are encouraged to check a wealth of information sources and avail of the best identity protection solutions. At, visitors will find full reviews of LifelLock, Identity Force, Identity Guard, Trusted ID, ID Watchdog, AllClear ID, ProtectMyID, Citi Identity Monitor, Profinity, and Equifax. aims at helping customers make the best decision for getting the best product or service. The website's identity theft protection reviews cover sources monitored, alert system, recovery assistance, ease of use, support, value, and any additional tools or services available.

In addition, also offers a free eBook for identity theft protection, prevention and recovery. Aptly titled "Step-By-Step Guide to Protecting Your Identity", the free eBook is a must-read for people who want to be properly informed and educated about the multi-billion dollar crime affecting millions in the United States and all over the world.

To find out more about identity theft and the best ways to be protected against it, please visit for information.

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