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Ideal Tax Solution, LLC Establishes Priority Protocol For Staying Current On IRS Programs That Impact Tax Liability for Individuals and Businesses

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is enhancing its existing information awareness program in its ongoing effort to stay abreast of regulatory changes at the IRS, which could have a direct bearing on a taxpayer's status and exposure to serious tax issues.

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is upgrading its information analysis process to insure its present and future clients are receiving only the latest and most comprehensive tax advice available. The improved data enhancement system will bolster the company's knowledge base regarding traditional tax regulations, but, more importantly, will allow trained tax resolution specialists to increase their level of comprehension pertaining to recently enacted tax system modifications.

This increase in understanding will create an even broader foundation for professional proficiency, enabling a level of customer service unmatched in the financial services industry.

"At Ideal Tax Solution," we have always prided ourselves on our knowledge of the tax code and our ability to provide unequaled professional resolution advice to taxpayers in need of tax help," says Sam Price, Senior tax Consultant. "Streamlining our informational database assures us we are absolutely in the loop with respect to any changes at the IRS which could affect our clients in any way."

Traditional philosophical and procedural protocols have been in place at the Internal Revenue Service since its inception, and, in all likelihood, will not change to any great extent in the future, barring an act of congress. However, circumstances do arise, whether an act of congress or nature, creating a need for an addendum or modification to the tax code, which could substantially impact an individual or company's obligation to the IRS.

As is standard procedure at Ideal Tax Solution, the ramifications of a tax code change, no matter how temporary, must be taken into consideration whenever the topic of tax return preparation or tax resolution is being discussed. Failure to acknowledge or adhere to any part of the (tax) regulatory system, whether it has been in existence for fifty years or five months, is not rewarded by the IRS.

A recent example of an act of nature triggering a tax code modification is Hurricane Sandy. Due to the extensive damage done and subsequent inability of taxpayers to go about their daily lives, which includes addressing issues with the Internal Revenue Service, special programs were put in place to help alleviate the tax burden in those areas affected by the devastating storm.

Without knowledge of storm related changes in the tax code, the accurate preparation and filing of a fair and equitable tax return, a situation which could affect millions of people, would be compromised and not do justice to the taxpayer. Conversely, if changes were prescribed by Congress or the IRS itself that mandated a code adjustment which could mean new or additional penalties, information regarding that modification would be invaluable as well.

Information based advice is the cornerstone of professional guidance provided by the tax professionals at Ideal Tax Solution. Knowing the rules and being aware of any changes to them is the key to their success.

Price clarified, "Knowledge is power. To us, that means having the power to help people get on with their lives once the tax man calls."

About the company:
Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is located in Costa Mesa, CA and provides tax negotiation and preparation services, and is a professional collection defense company. Their Tax Attorneys, IRS Enrolled Agents, CPA's, and Senior Tax Consultants have over 55 years of combined experience working to help American taxpayers with the IRS and State Tax Agencies.

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