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ID International Re-Brands Corporate Website

International branding agency "ID International" launched a comprehensive update to their corporate website where home page and showcases have been re-vamped to accommodate new portfolio artwork.

Re-branding is the process where a company's corporate brand is updated and modernized for any number of business, marketing, or advertising reasons. Re-branding has become somewhat of a trend especially in the last decade, with some of the world's larger companies re-branding several times. The currently competitive nature of retail markets in the US makes it an advantageous process for companies willing to go through the transformation. These days, airline companies (like United Airlines, soon to fully include Continental Airlines, and JetBlue, constantly trying to re-define their low-cost air niche) cannot remain brand-static for more than a couple years at a time and still stay in the air. Similarly, fast food chains (like Subway and Taco Bell) and supermarkets (like Safeway and Whole Foods Supermarkets) now constantly evolve and simplify their brands for an ever more bored and distracted public audience.

ID International's showcases now display up-to-date examples of their Website Design, Logo Design, as well as a variety of Featured Brand Showcases intended to give a real feeling for the quality of their work. In addition to a dozen interesting Website designs, there is almost 100 logos on their website now, with lots of full color photography of modern graphic design pieces like brochures, booklets, food packaging, presentation folders, vehicles, clothing, and others. They have compiled a quite interesting collection of how cohesive brands fit together in today's ever increasing brand competitiveness.

"Due to the tremendous impact that re-naming and re-branding a company can have, it is critical for any branding client to be taken through the process with great sensitivity and care." says Alex Sorger, Senior Web Architect for ID International, "Any new or updated company identity or brand should also be launched in a subtle and methodical manner in order to avoid alienating old customers, while aiming to attract new business prospects. We're doing this all new for 2012."

He went on to say that as they prepare for their 10th year in business, they've launched a new business and marketing plan, moved their California office to downtown Chico, as well as launched new evaluation strategies and advertising campaigns to really get the word out about ID International both here in the US and across the EU from their Milan office.

There is no magic formula to branding strategy planning, however, there is a methodical process which involves careful strategy, memorable visuals and personal interactions, all of which must speak in unison for a customer to place full trust and invest their emotions in what is offered. That's the benefit of hiring a "branding agency" over a web guy, or a local freelance designer. Anyone can design something pretty, but as obvious as it seems, if it doesn't attract your company's target audience, you're just throwing your investment away.

These online changes at ID ( have apparently been aimed to reposition of the brand and company successfully up-market across the US, increasing the visibility for larger companies that are searching for a good deal in an affordable but high-quality, significantly experienced branding agency.

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