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ICTInnovations.com Reinforces Voice Broadcasting Service and Business Solutions with Appointment Alert Feature

ICT Innovations, the independent software vendor, has added the Appointment Scheduler and Appointment Reminder features to its ICTBroadcast autodialer application.

Given the hustle and bustle of daily living, schedules and plans are often overlooked. It is not uncommon for scheduled appointments to slip from the mind, and easily ruin an otherwise perfectly planned day. In the business perspective, setting appointments is important, and promptly and religiously following them is even more critical.

ICT Innovations provides the solution for businesses with its ICTBroadcast multi-tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting. Detiailed at ICTInnovations.com, ICTBroadcast is essentially a B2B autodialer application for Internet telephony service providers.

Filled with business-focused features, the unified communications telemarketing and broadcasting platform now comes with Appointment Scheduler and Appointment Reminder features. As a unique auto dialer, ICTBroadcast can be used as automated appointment reminder software, all designed to prompt businesses on their day-to-day meetings and appointments. The ICTBroadcast Appointment alerts also help save the time and resources.

ICTBroadcast also integrates the Appointment Reminder Campaign, which places a reminder call to all the contacts in a group. Such a campaign requires that every contact should have scheduled appointment start-time and appointment end-time in any of the custom fields in contact form. The campaign administrator will set "reminder call time" in the campaign creation form, specifying the number of hours before the appointment start the call will be placed. A "reminder expiry time" field makes sure no calls should be placed after the expiry time.

As it always has, the ICTBroadcast platform leads the autodialer marketing arena with innovative and advance features like DNC support, Survey and Polling, Scheduling, Live Monitoring, Call managment, Live graphical reporting, Fax Broadcast, SMS bROADCAST, Video live streaming, email marketing, among many others.

ICTInnovations.com also offers the ICTDialer, which has been developed for open source community over re-known open source technologies like communication framework Plivo, open source Content Management System Drupal, LAMP stack and communication backend engines Freeswitch and Kannel. ICTBroadast, on the other hand, has been developed for buisness owners and professionals developed over custom communication framework, LAMP stack and communication engines Asterisk and Kannel.

To find out more about the new Appointment Alerts feature on ICTBroadcast, please visit http://www.ictinnovations.com for information.

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