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Ibiza Solutions Is Now Bonder & Co

Discover the new destinations offered by Ibiza solutions to enjoy the best relaxing luxury holidays. With over 250 properties available for booking, all services are supported by qualified team willing to give the best experience in Formentera.

Ibiza Solutions is now Bonder & Co offering new destinations as Formentera, Mallorca & Barcelona.

After 7 years of success due to Paloma Bonder & her focused team, Ibiza Solutions leads now to a high-callibre, professional and the best haut-gamme services company introducing "Bonder & Co" offering new destinations as Formentera, Mallorca & Barcelona.

For Ibiza Solutions these years have been experience, selecting very carefully the best portfolio for luxury villa rental in Ibiza, having the best access to all the VIP clubs such as Pacha, Lio, Cirpriani, Ushuaia among other and of course implementing the best and highest service. With over 250 properties in their books, with an in-house team of qualified chefs, professional drivers and very detailed orientated this now leads to a bigger scale offering their clients the best luxury holiday experience in new destinations like Formentera, Mallorca and Barcelona
Paloma: "We chose Mallorca a the first new destination because it's our neighbor island and although they are very close (just 30min flight) it has a very different offer. You have incredible golf courses, great horse riding teachers and the worldwide known big sailing clubs. I grew up in Mallorca so winters after school they where horse riding and summer sailing, I become a professional sailor in Europa Class feminine class. I use to love those days in the boat, creating, creaming and feeling the wind and the sun in my skin. I guess that amount of sensations is what I like my clients to enjoy."

Paloma and her restaurateur family have been food freaks since she remembers so recommending the best winning and dinning is also part of Paloma´s advise to her clients. She loves to have the best food and she loves visiting wine cellars during some of her holidays.

So why Barcelona Paloma? "You can't come to Spain and not visit Barcelona. I believe it's still a hidden gem compared to all what it has to offer. Starting from Gaudi´s work, endless curvy terraces with sober finishes and their immaculate stained glass windows overlooking the roman city. I'm absolutely in love with many of their top restaurants, sometimes very basic ones and at night those glamorous roof terraces. My favorite i must confess is the one at the Mandarin Oriental. Their cocktails leave me speechless! Not to mention thats it has become one of Europe´s leading shopping centers. You can find every single brand all in a walking distance as you stay amazed by their streets and the varied crowd that walk across them".

All this said Bonder & Co is now very excited to offer these two gems in the mediterranean so their little sister Ibiza, the fun one will something to share!

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Bonder & Co specializes in luxury and impressive villa rentals in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Barcelona. Deluxe suites in the best five-star hotels, refined a la carte personal chef services, dynamic body work & beauty treatments, access to all the VIP clubs, scoring impossible-to-get dinner reservations and filling outrageous travel request.

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