IAutomate.com Releases First Ever Long Range RFID Solution For Use With Apple's OS X Operating System

iAutomate.com is pleased to announce the release of the company's RFID Starter Kit for Indigo Software. First ever Long Range RFID system on the Apple OS X Platform at an affordable price.

iAutomate.com is pleased to introduce the first ever Long Range RFID System for the Apple OS X operating system with our release of the RFID Starter Kit for Indigo Software, featuring the new RX202-HA Long Range RFID Reader.

The RFID Starter kit includes virtually everything a Customer need to get started with RFID and automation whether it is in their home or business. The kit includes our RFID Software Plugin, The New RX202-HA Long Range RFID Reader, Two TGP ActivDuo Tags for windshield or personnel use, super-adhesive pads and the RFID Breakout Cable with Power Supply (Works in every country, just specify at time of order). Perfect for Vehicle ID and automation sequences. Just connect to a Indigo equipped Apple Computer running OS X and add a variety of long range RFID tags from our selection online for autos, people, pets and physical assets.

For those who do not presently own Indigo Software, the company also offer the RFID kit bundled with a license for Indigo v6.x and our free RFID plugin.

Software Features*:

- Detect the presence or determine the absence of personnel or assets equipped with an RFID Tag

- Operate gates, or garage door handsfree from an automobile up to 400 feet away

- Control Lights, temperature or appliances

- Send email or text notifications when an asset or person equipped with an RFID Tag arrives or leaves

- Send manual transmissions with an optional key-fob

- Apply conditions to triggers or events, enabling or inhibiting actions based up the presence of a tag

- Use RFID Tags as magnetic sensors to trigger actions

- Detect when a person, pet or asset is in motion, and trigger actions

- Create custom web based control pages with the included web server

- Monitor the status of RFID tags for presence, absence, alarm or motion via web browser with the included web server

The new RFID kits are available for purchase at introductory prices as low as $449.00 and are in stock. Quantities are limited however.

For the past eight years, iAutomate.com has been a leader in Active RFID, developing technology that combines active RFID tags, long range RFID readers and RFID software for tracking people, pets and assets for home automation and industrial automation. iAutomate.com was the first to bring afforable RFID to homes and businesses in 2005 on the Windows platform, the first to bring RFID tracking to iOS devices with our RFID Track App and now sets another record by introducing affordable long range RFID on the Apple OS X platform.

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iAutomate.com is a leading provider of RFID, automation hardware and software and based in Atlanta, GA.

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