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Ian Driscoll Leaves Banners Broker and Joins Flexkom International UK

Successful UK business owner, Ian Driscoll, reveals in a recent interview the reasons why he was let go, after questioning the flawed operations of the ad space and traffic impressions of online broker, Banners Broker.

Ian Driscoll, a successful entrepreneur and business and marketing coach in the United Kingdom in a recent interview, details his thoughts regarding the controversial departure from Banners Broker in November 2012.

The Ian Driscoll Banner Broker issue started when the online broker of ad space and traffic impressions terminated Mr. Driscoll's contract as Business Manager, without giving him any advanced notice.

According to Driscoll, he believes he was sacked unfairly and unprofessionally by the company following his decision to challenge "certain operational inconsistencies" that he reported. His concerns originated from operational issues he deemed questionable, which included the organization's blind networking structure and systems security.

In November 2012, Banners Broker suffered a disastrous security breach, in which their computer systems were hacked, exposing and compromising affiliate personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers and passport details.

"The response was completely unacceptable on why it would take weeks for the company to get the situation under control," said Driscoll.

Given his in-depth management experience, Mr. Discroll took his concerns to the Banners Broker management team, and questioned why it was taking too long to put an end to the network breach.

Banners Broker then suggested for Mr. Driscoll to "find another company's products and/or services to promote alongside his Banners Broker activities."

Mr. Driscoll has an accomplished track record in the areas of Business Management, Team Building, Referral Marketing, Network Marketing and Personal & Business Coaching. His extensive experience in goal setting for business growth and similar entrepreneurial ideas has made him the networking expert and marketing professional trusted by the industry. Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for him to come across Flexkom International UK and promote the Mcommerce systems.

However, Mr. Driscoll strongly denies the allegation that he used Banners Broker contacts or systems to promote Flexkom and recruit interested parties.

"Throughout the series of events, Mr. Driscoll has acted with the utmost integrity, was not responsible for any of the actions carried out by Banners Broker that could be deemed as unethical, this is born out through the course of actions surrounding the lawsuit that is ongoing between himself and Banners Broker," his statement read.

To find out more about Ian Driscoll, who is currently the Head of Operations in the UK for Flexkom International, please visit http://www.idriscoll.co.uk/ for additional information.

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