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I Usually Die in the Afternoon... It's Something I Do Daily to Monitor the Functions of Heavenote.

Heavenote is a tool to leave posthumous messages and manage your digital legacy.

We usually die in the afternoon...
It's something we do daily to monitor the functions of Heavenote.

Heavenote is a tool to leave posthumous messages and manage your digital legacy.

How it born
This rational fear, that all people can sometimes have in our life, inspired us to create the platform. It was born after one of the founders saw an accident on the highway just in front of him, he thought "and it this was me?" he could have felt much better if he could have said something with a message to his parents after dying.

How it works
A user creates messages and attaches files. They are saved onto the platform and only sent when the user passes away. There are two systems which certify that a user has passed away.

With the first one, users periodically answer emails from Heavenote, when they stop answering they are considered as passed away.

With the second system, the user receives a code, the code is then given to a person they trust and when the user passes away, the trusted person introduces the code in the site certifying the user's death.

Who uses it?
Our grandparents left us a box with pictures and documents. As we don't print these kinds of documents, we tend to keep them in digital format and this will be our legacy.

When we want to manage this information, we can find that Heavenote is an easy tool and ready to be used.

That's the reason everybody is interested in Heavenote, not just those groups that, for whatever reasons, live a riskier lifestyle like: motorcyclists, people with dangerous jobs, people with terminal illness, people with Alzheimer's who are afraid of forgetting things in the future or simply people who want a free will and testament.

Media love is...
The web has a big medial potential as not a single person who gets to know Heavenote remains indifferent. It has already appeared in much media like Spanish National TV (TVE), Terra and Yahoo in Brasil.

All the links to the media are accessible via Heavenote.com home page, find two links below for the two biggest channels where the site appeared:

• Televisión Española: http://youtu.be/fORkU-3JDP8
• Terra Brasil: http://goo.gl/Ee1Ep9

We have been asked to connect with people that have been dead for many years.

A person claimed that Heavenote cannot work as nobody knows whether or not internet exists in heaven... We have replied to them saying that, yes, they are right and as we are not completely sure how heaven works, we would strongly recommend people use Heavenote whilst they are still alive.

News in video: http://youtu.be/8wfD02HyzFs

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